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  1. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    OK, this isn't a passport, it's just a fake U.S. visa attached to a passport from Ghana. But it's still fake.

    Scammer name: Vera Hinson, visa # 48474269

    Notice the expert manner in which this scammer has taken a color picture and made a faint black/white copy which he has pasted over the top of an original photo outline, visible under the picture. Notice how he has expertly placed a photo larger than the original photo on the top and how it exceeds the margins of the original. Real quality work.

    Henson Vera visa.jpg
  2. The Doctor

    The Doctor Administrator Staff Member

    Our first real fake US passport. Yay! :D

    Scammer names: Sarah Laura Ted or Sarah Thompson, supposedly a student from California. Pictures used are here. This could be one of the worst passports of 2008. Nice cut and paste. :rolleyes: I've never seen a passport that is almost kissable but this one is. I can taste the lipgloss!

    Ted Sara Laura.jpg
  3. Quark

    Quark Moderator Staff Member

    I wish they all could be California girls.
  4. Nikolai

    Nikolai Ninja

    I looked at my own (real) U S passport and remember why I keep it stuffed in the sock drawer... Hideous picture of me..

    Also of note.. U S passports for adults are valid ten years. This chick's "passport" looks like it's valid 4 years and change.

    My 2 year old son's passport is good for 5 years, as are all USA passports issued to minors.
  5. If you go to the right place, the photographer tells you "lean close to the camera, closer, tilt your head back, now purse your lips, make love to the camera." And you do. And it looks like that.
  6. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    No wonder this one looks the way it does.
    Sinead Robert (I hope. Of course this may be some stupid scammer who does not know what surname means).

    Robert Sinead.jpg
  7. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    That almost looks like Vera Hinson in #1, from a different angle.
  8. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member


    Alas, a lass, my kingdom for a lass. This is the size she hath sent unto me.

  9. SA, I missed your passport from before. I guess you noticed that it expired before it was valid? That's some sloppy work there (unless Sinead operates a time machine, in which case it's fine).
  10. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    In Scamland, all things are possible.
  11. KTS

    KTS Samurai

    "She" wants me...I can sense it!! :D
  12. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    Forget it KTS. She's just a golddigger. She only wants you for your money. :)
  13. Trickster

    Trickster Member

    U.S.A. fake passports Christine Olaulu Thomas

    Thomas Christine.jpg

    Not even close....
  14. Ivana

    Ivana Member

    I like how it says "internet" under place of birth and on place of issue ...

    Wonder if it been recycled from someone who would send out a fake id to a scammer -- lol
  15. U.S. Passport

    Miss Sarah above got ripped off!!! US passports are good for 10 yrs! :rolleyes: Funny, she's got missing info in top row, among other important things put on a passport this new! By the way, when did the Department of State start issuing passports to students? Don't students get VISAS instead? Now i'm totally confused! Gotta be FAKE-FAKE-FAKE!
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  16. basenji

    basenji Administrator Staff Member

    "Jeffsrson, Ohio", that's brilliant. No wonder she doesn't have a nationality.
  17. the_butterfly

    the_butterfly New Member


    How funny. I was looking at the Roberts one and I had to laugh. The dates caught my eye. They got it in March 2005 and it ex. Febuary 2005.
  18. Sphinx

    Sphinx Administrator Staff Member

    William Donald

    This looks like a passport that a victim has sent to a scammer/criminal. Unfortunately for the victim the scammer/criminal has stolen the scanned image, the victims's name, and, to top it all off, the scammer/criminal is claiming to work for the FBI.

    People, PLEASE do not ever send a copy of your passport to anyone.

    Donald William Gustav.jpg
  19. Cold War Kid

    Cold War Kid Ninja

    Jessica Brown
    Nice photo. Not!

    Brown Jessica.jpg
  20. Sasana

    Sasana New Member

    STEPHEN HOWARDS : U.S.A. Passport

    Howard, Stephen.jpg

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