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    From:, [​IMG] Canada, Edmonton, Allstream Corp.
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    From: Usman Gambo <>
    Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016

    My name is Usman Gambo, in the foreign Operations Central Bank of Nigeria. However, I am leaking this secret following my discoveries in your contract file, which I feel sorry about your suffering. Before I proceed, I want to appeal to you that if after going through this mail, and you do not like it, please kindly keep it to your self since I will not like to lose my job.

    Indeed, I found out that you have met all the statutory requirements of the Central Bank in respect of your overdue contract payment. Your problem is interest groups. A lot of people are interested in your payment, hence they are just doing endless mere paper work with you, through one approval document and promise/payment after another, which they have never kept their words even for once as gentlemen, hence, you are a victim of high level secret plot. This explains why people without anything to do with you are all embarrassing you like they want to help, which they cannot do anything.

    However, your nightmares will surely come to halt in a few days in a flash; if only you will adhere strictly to my advice since I know, and monitor all activities with respect to all foreign contract payments. The truth is that you cannot get your fund without adequately clearing the mess in your suppressed contract file; regarding vital contract information muddled up in contradiction and confusion which did not go down well with the authorities.

    This entire people contacting you do not even know that your fund is placed on hold, which has made it impossible for your money to be released.

    Anyway, since this is not by force, if you like, you can continue to waste your money on their sweet empty promises. But, I bet you with guarantee that this will last for your lifetime, yet nothing happens. Without dragging you too far, I want to inform you that with my present position, I can make things happen. But we have to reach a concrete agreement.

    First, you have to let me know how much you will give me on the successful receipt of your contract money, Secondly, you have to agree to keep this information strictly confidential even from your so-called partners extorting money from you. This is to deceive everybody and keep these mischief-makers unawares.

    If you think, you can have implicit trust in yourself, and your God by being ready to take yourself even like a fool for once and see the magic.
    Yours faithfully,
    Usman Gambo
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    Hey, I'm ready for some gumbo! Oh, it's gambo.

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