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    I apologize for the multiple thread, This is something else I've come in contact with. ( They use Wix as a domain host) look like they paid for their domain---- Red flag?

    Would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce ourselves as one of the leading producer & exporter of refined sunflower oil. Our company started in 2001 as a closed corporation trading in all aspects, under the name: Valan International Cargo charter SA (Pty) Ltd (CIPRO REG No: 2001/009783/07). We have 13 years experience as a company and employees with an average of 15 years experience. Today, the trading branch of our company maintains these years of experience. We are a premium member on (Goldkey), (Gold), (Exporter Plus) and (Trade OK).

    - Packaging: Per buyers demand
    - Origin : South Africa
    - Port of Loading : Cape Town / Durban. South Africa
    - Delivery Time 18days

    - Price $550 / MT CIF Cartagena Port in Colombia

    -Payment Terms: 35 % TT (against invoice), 25 % against copy of B/L and 40 % after delivery. We do not do 100 % LC with first time buyers but we can do 100 % LC for next orders not this trial order. --------------------Red flag? our senior partners say this is often industry standard, This trail order is only 1 container at a cost of 14,000USD. if this is a scam not sure how rewarding it is to get 4900 from us.

    Do you have a DHL / UPS or TNT account? It shall be easier if you had an account with any of these couriers. If not, you shall have to pay for the sample verification, authentication, inspection and transportation.

    We asked for Client Reference --- ( please advice if the following are red flags as well.)

    UK Bermingam
    SAPC Industry Ltd
    Contact Person Mr Henry Grayer ....0044121 318 9929 ( Can't find Henry Grayer from UK white page) nor can i find SAPC industry on google anywhere. Although our London Division was able to reach Henry, he plan on paying a visit in person to further verify.

    Contact Person Mr Ben Asha .....00617 3103 0267 ( Same with this one, can't seem to find anything, maybe I am looking in the wrong place.)

    This company seem to be legit, we will ask for bank reference as well early next week.

    Thanks again for the help, learning a lot here.
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    Your first website:

    Creation Date: 04-aug-2014
    Expiration Date: 04-aug-2015

    Try for when you need to check domain registration.
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    could that be a renewal date?
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    It's a 5 day old website. What are you trying to convince yourself of?
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    CAVENAL PTY LTD Shows as being in Brisbane Queensland Australia. According to the phone number supplied.

    I have the Brisbane phone book (2013/2014 edition) in front of me and there is no CAVENAL PTY LTD listed. It should be on page 173 but there is no record of it. =Another LARGE red flag.

    A search of Google using "CAVENAL PTY LTD" Shows only 1 result and that is your post on AFI. The same with a search of the phone number supplied.

    @Ironsandman. Please take note of a previous comment by Sapphire's Strike that we are not a Due Diligence site. We do not do due diligence searches for businesses.

    You can use Google to search for the emails, phone numbers and other details to check on potential business partners. We need our resources to deal with scammers and to aid their victims. Thank you.
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    I understand, I spend 6 hours doing searches, are there any web tools besides domain search, google, and white page I can use to improve my due diligence search? So i won't waste any one else's time?
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    The problem in any deal such as this is, if you send money in advance, what is your recourse to recover your money if the deal goes bad?
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    Thanks for the post. I was getting a quotation from Valan International PTY ltd on jasmine rice as well and making a research on this Valan but to no avail. Bring me to this website tho :).

    Good info. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Just wanted to provide an update on this since the original post says that they company is a Gold member with go4WorldBusiness. The fact is, he is not and go4WorldBusiness has rejected his profile a long time ago.
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