Vent your frustration about scamming here, 2014-16

Discussion in 'Welcome - How AFI works' started by Kat, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Mihlik75

    Mihlik75 Guest

    Ask in response to a pledge example: $ 3000 and they will be left behind.
  2. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    Winter storm watch, coastal flood boyz cause global climate change. I'm positive.
  3. simply me

    simply me Guest

    I would think that recipients of such messages could be lawfully permitted to sue companies like Google and Microsoft...these are my thoughts...
    With the technology available today, I would believe that such companies could institute measures to prevent fraud related to all employees and to the company itself. Perhaps security filters and keywords, maybe combined with government support, relative to specific company business information, could better protect patrons... "With great power comes great responsibility"...The email system should be better filtered and safeguarded from predators...Automation has become so popular, why not employ a secured option there? With that said, when do these companies begin to be held accountable for failing to successfully achieve the necessary security and/or system of prevention?
  4. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah they should do something. But they've ignored the problem for years.
  5. David Nwamadi

    David Nwamadi New Member

    You don't blame victims..I do. How do you feel when someone comes to you and ask you to convert someone elses money and you agree to such scheme

    The same americans and every other nations of the world have their thieves and scammers....90% of people who fall to money scams are thieves themselves..Leave Nigeria out of it. Ponzi scheme started in still have them around Wall Street in NYC. I worked as a scam intel officicer and I have access to so called Nigeria scam..which later turned out to be a scam from citizens of other countries.

    There is nothing like lack of coporation from Nigerian Authorities. ..Mention the name of the Nigerians

    Those are american thieves..they have been caught anf now they are looking for excuses.....
  6. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    These 3 people aren't victims, David, they were active participants. They got what they deserved. We're concerned about their victims.
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  7. David Nwamadi

    David Nwamadi New Member

    I'm aware of it my dear...Just the emphasis on Nigeria is just too loud....seems like Nigeria is just a Nation of scammers
  8. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunately they're a lot of scammers in Nigeria. No doubt your intelligence reports indicate that.
  9. David Nwamadi

    David Nwamadi New Member it seem...majority of the scams show proofs of greed from the victims.
  10. David Nwamadi

    David Nwamadi New Member

    Unfortunatley scammers are all over the world even in the United States as we post these messages. I have been scammed twice by Americans too...who came to my State pretending to be business men..I don't have to call americans scammers over some silly thieves
  11. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    @david. First of all we are NOT calling all Nigerians scammers or thieves. Indeed we have a lot of respect for the vast majority who are hard working honest people. Many who also suffer because of the scammers.
    Yes there are scammers and thieves all over the world and we expose them when we can, regardless of nationality. In the same way we assist and help victims regardless of who they are if we can. Yes we have assisted Nigerians as well.

    "I have been scammed twice by Americans too" So does this mean that you too are a greedy victim?

    As you are no doubt aware sadly Nigeria has a reputation for scammers. I understand that the three main sources of income there are these three in order.
    1. OIL.

    The large number of scammers is borne out by the large number of arrests by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. EFCC.

    "Just the emphasis on Nigeria is just too loud" I can understand you wanting to help protect the reputation of Nigeria, However while Nigeria itself allows so many scammers to operate (sometimes with impunity due to graft) Their reputation will not improve.

    One way would be quite easy, make sure anyone collecting money via Western union or money gram provided genuine photo ID.
  12. Jessica

    Jessica Administrator Staff Member

    We can't help where they're from. And we also know that most Nigerians are not scammers but we do feel sorry for all the Nigerians whose lives get screwed up because of yahoozee.

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