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Hello my love

I hope this is yours because I was the victim of aggression at the exit of my hotel this morning at 7:30 am when I went to take my goods. Strangers stopped the taxi suddenly which I was and ripped off my bag which contained all my passport and other papers, plus a large sum that I had to use for the compensation of my goods.

The taxi driver and I were brutalized and controlled by their weapons they had on them, I do not know but I the clear impression that the taxi driver is in tandem with my attackers. What bad luck ! I never imagined that such something can happen to me, i'm depressed and really do not know what holy dedicate me. I want one thing to come back with this loss huge. I'm still under the impact of shock and I called the embassy as soon as it is in the other very distant city.

I do not know how to do it, and I'm pretty discouraged because I go for the first time in this country, and this misfortune happens to me. What bitterness! I cried a lot and it hurts. These people have inflicted the fear of my life, I'm scared to death and all red. I you leave with these words, looking forward to reading you.


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My love,

It makes me a huge pleasure to read you right now where I really need moral help. The aggression I suffered shocked me huge, I had the fear of my life and since then I assure you that I do not not find. These people are really ruthless, they screwed up the afraid of my life and that I will never forget. They put me a weapon on the temple threatening to blow my skull if I do not give them not what they want, I was really scared, I just told them take my bag and all they wanted. At this moment I assure you that I thought of nothing more than death, yes only death. I am overwhelmed by the events and I do not know how holy to vow. I am very scared and have only one desire in this moment is that you comfort me in your arms.

At present, my heart is big and I harbor hatred visceral to them, a statement was made to the police of lalocality, I lost with my bag my passport, my ID French, three bank cards, purchase orders and money liquid. I called the embassy and I'm asked to go back to the capital to establish provisional administrative documents for my travels and my repatriation.

But the problem is that I need a little penny in order to leave very quickly this area in which I just lost everything. I do not have no penny on me to honor my needs and that puts me in a situation of anger and hatred. I am troubled and I do not know what do, that's why I need some help from you because I work alone on my own. I do not have any associates nid'employeurs to help me, and to get me out of this misery, this ordeal.

My insurance also does not cover this kind of incidents out of Europe. I did not know that my mission in Cote d'Ivoire would be drama. I must go to the capital where you are the Embassy of France 1083 km from here who will take care of my repatriation urgently. I would not want to bother you with my problems but I beg you to support me and I will do everything for you join after getting out of this situation ie just after my repatriation. I will repay you everything you put financially at my disposal to get me out of this situation untenable. I want to return to France as soon as possible or you join directly. I have already reported to the Embassy for my administrative documents and 'called in my different banks to oppose on my accounts when I hear that I'm coming to France. Waiting for you read. Thank you for supporting me because I need it

grateful when I returned to France. My love I want just the sum of 750 to pay the hotel and pay my ticket for return to the capital to go to the embassy to make me record. Can you do it for me because I am dismounted.

The Doctor

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My love,

My Love The lady of the hotel where I slept has just given me The Name of his first son so that you send me the money since I did not no passport and he stole my passport so try to understand

My heart is filled with joy when I received your message, may God bless. You will not regret having known me. I thank the good God, because you are someone who understands life. Big kisses to you my love

Here is the name where you can send me the money OYONGWO UWAOMA
Here is the address COTE D'IVOIRE,

My love I preferred me to send me on Western Union because the hotel Where I stay there is a Western Union agency nearby. The joy that has filled my heart made me forget all my worries. Big kiss to you.

I love you with all my heart
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From: Veronique Desch <verroniquedesch10@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018
Subject: J'espère avoir de tes nouvelles bientôt.

Hello my love,

know that I am always here because of you and I miss you more and more
and if I spend a few more days I'll do a lot
loss with my merchandise but I understand that you have to be a lot
busy one of the reasons you do not contact me much, although I do not know
not if you could do your best to send me this money
I asked you today or tomorrow morning finally that I can
from here because I can not stay here anymore I want you to send me
your no. phone once the receipt of money I could contact you
and it's not so easy it's the first time I'm going
to go to your country, it seems that it is also a very pretty country
and I would like to spend some good time with you, visit this
country, know that I have nobody and I'm still alone
for you it is necessary to think about it I tell you very soon hoping
have your news very soon