Warning about cryptoincrease.com game site

Cryptoincrease is a game website. It takes the following alt currencies:


Users should be aware that some players have reported this site is a scam. One complaint is of winners having to wait to receive their winnings until others players pay to play, which indicates that this is a pyramid scam.

Cryptoincrease advertises that winners can win 125% and 70.30127 BTC has been paid out since going online in January 2015 (six months ago). Players are advised not to send funds from a web based wallet because ….”They send using a shared address so we may be unable to return your payout!”

Static Bitcoin address on for Cryptoincrease is 1Mya9b91NhgfxC1LDaMG8qhXEPBcTqKgn8 located on cryptoincrease.com/btc/?ref=1bijxis

Blockchain lists only five transactions for that Bitcoin address but Cryptoincrease website lists nearly fifty Bitcoin transactions and many Bitcoin paid out. Other alt coin transactions are also listed.

Many early Bitcoin transaction addresses on the website do not link back to Cryptoincrease’s static Bitcoin address.

The Cryptoincrease website has not been updated since the day after it went online so static address not changed. Blockchains should verify more transactions if Cryptoincrease website's transaction page is correct.