Western Union information for known Cameroon pet scammers

Discussion in 'Animal Scams' started by Dororo, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. I have fallen victim to this scam! I live in the UK and found a puppy in Scotland, I arrange to have it delivered as the drive was 5 hours, the fake seller was 'claire cullington' and her address was [clairecullington@yahoo.co.uk], she said she was using a pet courier which could deliver animals internationally. I paid £350 to the 'couriers' whos e-mail was [pdeliveryagent@gmail.com]. They later asked for £580 temporary insurance that would be refunded on delivery, stupidly I paid this without really thinking then straight away the penny dropped but the money had already been collected on the other side! within minutes! I soon found out it was the cameroon scam but for a dog supposed to be over here! I told the police but theres obviously nothing that could be done, when they continued to phone me I said I know its a scam, I've reported it to the police so stop calling and e-mailing me! I also sent this message to both e-mail addresses but the calls continued and they even sent another e-mailing asking for more money for vaccinations! I've lost alot of money and don't want anyone else to fall for this! I'm already one of many!
    I was well and truly sucked into this story of how one of this womans puppies she had sold in the past had had to be rescued because of mistreatment, she asked me loads of questions to be sure I could provide a good home. I was horribly honest, telling them how I was a carer to my Mum who has a rare cancer, I live with her, my sisters and brother, we are a young family and have our chocolate lab who we love and so on. It's disgusting. But please be aware that they are now using UK e-mail addresses and claiming to be selling puppies/dogs in your own country that for your convenience are delivered by pet courier.
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    Western union user pet scam

    This is going on in SPain as well :/ thank god for google....

    CÓDIGO POSTAL:................00237
    Tel.+4470546980042 y+23770191691

    CUANDO HAGA EL pago de este dinero,necesitará una pregunta y respuesta de prueba, usted tendrá que hacer que sea LO SIGUIENTE:

    PREGUNTA: ...............Cuando
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    I almost got scammed today -.-

    Well, I don't have a lot of money but really wanted to get my boys a puppy. I saw this beautiful white husky along with local ads, but she was so precious I thought the little extra would be worth it. Anyways, a lady with the email: [monica.lass@yahoo.com] emailed me with the prices and asked me a bunch of questions about which puppy and if I would love it, send her pics, etc. I said yes to all going into great detail about my family and how much I love animals etc. I also explained that I would not have the money for a couple weeks so if she could bear with me it would be worth it for her puppy to have a good home. In the meantime I'm googling her email and name just in case and finding different locations like Detroit and Colorado, but she claimed to be from Cameroon, Canada. She said her husband was in the Peace Corp so I thought well maybe they move around a lot, but it wasn't sitting right with me. She had ads on other pages that were for Yorkies and another ad from a week ago, but the pics weren't the same. The email she sent, though had full sized pics, and lots of them of 4 different dogs. It really seemed legit, besides her horrible spelling, I thought maybe she was foreign. Anyways, I was about to reply to an email from her when I saw her pop up on my Yahoo messenger as being online. I was like, sweet, I'll talk to her one on one and get a feel of the situation. Not sure if I can link the chat but I'll try- it's pretty good. Her "husband" ended up getting on chat when I said it would be a couple weeks before I could send the money, he was obviously agitated. I started getting more and more P.O.'d and woke my boyfriend. He ended up finding all the sites about Cameroon pet scams. Try googling this for giggles, it may make you feel better and it did for me but I'm still furious I gave so much of my info out. "Fun with Camaroon pet scams." The thing is though, the questions they asked me I'd probably have asked if I were selling my precious puppy. Hopefully more people find out before sending money. I'm so thankful I didn't.
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    OMG thankyou so much for this post!!

    Im looking at getting a british bulldog and i was talking to the one from western australian she said shes sending me photos but hasnt said anything about money being sent yet so im so lucky i googled her name first and found this otherwise i would of got scammed too :s
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    Pet scam

    Tahnks to this forum...
    I am insearch for canary and golden Pheasant hatching eggs....I found in alibaba.com that MOst of the seller are from cameroon. The price they offer are ranging. Before I place an order most of them were just asking me to place an order without any direction.
    term of payment has not been mentioned, delivery option is not discussed, the shipping company none...
    when I asked them ship to my country. they gave me the delivered price. before I gave them the full information.
    ohh by the way the certification....I received a copy of pet certificate and registration company certificate.
    Can any one tell me if this is real?? (if anyone can tell me how to attach the file on this forum please do )
    here is the email address ...
    using a name samuel.

    oohh has any one notice their operating hours...About 2 till 4 am their time.
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    Hello trenta.
    Unfortunately, Cameroon is infamous for it's pet scammers. Don't have anything to do with them, you'll lose your money.

    Find the address of your country's cage-bird society, or canary society, and you should be able to find out about breeders from them.
    For Golden pheasants, the forums here may help:

    To post images here, use Imageshack.
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    Scammer created a website

    hello, they go as far as creating a website in deceiving people. which is www me2u-jetpets-shippers com but due to fraud the website has been blocked recently. They ask me to pay for the shipping fee and i did. After that they sent me a mail saying i must pay for the pet's electronic crate and i paid to one Mr Jerry Ebune located in Cameroon. They also have an american number that is a number starting with +1. They are all fake and here is their email [me2u-jetpets@blumail.org]
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    This morning i very nearly got scammed a man called Curtis (smittduff@yahoo.com) I was emailing him back and forth about a tea cup yorkie i had looked high and low for a cheapish one but most of them came back at £550 i found this one at £250 should have really realised then. He told me she would be coming on the 27th of October and would have everything included. But this morning i got a phone call about the yorkie LUCKLY my phone died when i was on the phone to him and my mum rang him back. I sent my mum all the details and she realised straight away then he was trying to scam me. He said all the payments would go through Western Union the details of who the money and were the money was going all came up it turned out to be somewere abroard. I recived an email sayin

    Receiver First Name; NJei
    Receivers Last Name; Franklin
    Country Code;00237
    Address; 21 Office Road Tiko
    Test Question;Best colour

    My mum was straight on the phone setting them straight and even then we got told that this was animal cruelty. I can honestly say i will NEVER buy a dog over then internet again. I was really lucky to not have given any details over.
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    I think I am being scammed.

    Thank GOD I saw this before sending money through.

    I'm not sure if I am, but I've copied some of the emails:

    THis is what she sent me after many many emails of me asking about details abotu the payment:

    Thanks for the mail and i am also sorry for the late reply i would beso happy that you have Jack cause you have really proven to me thatyou can give to him all the ;love that he needs right now in his lifeso you just required to hold the money cash in hand as you shall bemaking the transfer directly to the delivery company via a westernunion store so all you need do right now is to get back to me withyour delivery details and i shall proceed with the delivery over toyour home in the morning cause i really want that Jack gets to meetyour lovely family soon okay.thanks for your understandingcheers.......

    I gave her my address details, but no transfer of money has gone through yet.
    Am I too late??? I'm so scared!!

    Another reply a couple of emails later..(I think I asked about the delivery company again)

    Do not be bordered about the question it is best you ask and be sureso that you do not make any mistake ok. This how you shall be makingthe payments to the delivery company once i have Jack registered theyshall send to you a delivery email of Jack and as well call you andthe email in which they shall send, you would find their director'spayments information in which you shall copy and move to the westernunion store to make the transfer of the $300 and get back to them withthe MTCN numbers before they can activate Jack delivery card andproceed with flight over to your home so do get back to me if you areok with having him tomorrow cause i was thinking of having himregistered tomorrow cause he really wants to meet you so i hope younow understand better..thanks and waiting..
    Earlier today:

    okay do you have their directors payment information to use for the payments..

    And then...

    they sent you an email have you checked on that?,please do let me knowi would like to know the progress of Jack at the delivery company!!waiting

    I have not sent over any money, or any bank details, or anything. she seemed to say I just need to have cash in hand or something.


    Please reply me soon!!!
  10. Hua Mulan

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    If you have not sent money you haven't become a victim but you are being set up for a scam. They will probably ask you to send money by Western Union. That is a scam. If you stop emailing them you aren't going to lose any money.
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    got scamed

    got scamed by [lucyhulk82@yahoo.com] two pups 12.5 weeks old looking forr a new home lost 109.50 euro to western union end they want more munny for this and that this is a scam company we have to stop this things we have to help one and an other
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    dear i pay also 3000 sek to person in germany he told me send puppy to me but didnot send it i was a

    dear i pay also 3000 sek to person in germany he told me send puppy to me but didnot send it i was also fool...
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    mmm good that i found this website bc there this lady that wants me to send her 200$ for 2 yorkies but im not stupid i didnt and she was talking about "oh send me 100$ and then i send both of the dogs and then you send me the other 100$" but i didnt believe her

    This is her info:

    Complete names: Ngwanue Charles Tanue
    Country: Cameroon
    State: Yaounde
    Zip Code: 00237
    Addresses: Wolfr Rd # 41 Apt
    Amount: $100
    Test Question: When
    Test Answer: Now
    Bank: Money Gram or a Western Union store .
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    Uses the email [cutes.spitz@yahoo.com]

    Agent Receiver name :::: DUGARSON GAIUS TONG ATUD
    State ::: VICTORIA
    Zip/Postal code::: 00237
    Amount :::: 520.00 AUD

    You will need a Test question and
    Answer,so use the below

    Question:::: WHO IS MY BEST FRIEND??
  15. Cameroon Pet Scam AUS kitten

    I ALMOST got stung by a 'seller' claiming to be located in Australia, using name and email: [frankandrew0119@yahoo.com].
    I was then contacted by his 'pet courier' who were asking for a payment of $200AUD to be transferred by Western Union to Cameroon, using name and email: Australia Petway [australia-pet-express@hotmail.com].
    Details of request are setout below:


    NAMES OF RECEIVER Beachman Golbart
    CITY Buea
    ZIP CODE: 00237

    Upon refusing to pay and admitting awareness of the scam, I began recieving threatening and abusive emails containing images of disfigured bodies and death threats to me and my family... And they had my contact details, as I given them to 'Frank Andrew' for the delivery of my kitten...

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    Exotic Birds Scammer NENA NDO qeennena@gmail.com

    NENA NDO [qeennena@gmail.com]

    +237 91197706 globallinkintl@gmx.com => parrot4sell@hotmail.com

    Received: from CAMEROON

    From: "Global-Link Internazionale Trasporto Agenzia" <globallinkintl@gmx.com>

    +237 91197706 00 237 91197706 237 9119 7706


    +237 99162717 00 237 99162717 00 237 9916 2717
  17. megipooh08

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    NAMES-------------------OJONG TAKANG LAWRENCE
    ZIP CODE----------------00237
    Test Question...............TO WHO
    Test Answer.................FRIEND

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I recived an email for a pet adoption, and the girl who talk with you really makes that you can trust in her. Until she ask you that you have to donate some money a foundation to help hungry children. We sent only 50€ by western union but I read about most people that they asked more money. The information that they gave me is this:

    Nombres de receptores..........Chimi njakoi wins
    País.......................... Camerún
    Ciudad .......................... Douala
    Código postal.................... 0237
    Cantidad....................... 50 euros

    Don't trust anyone. Be smart !
  19. Kat

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    We still get these?
  20. Sphinx

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    Yep. Scammers haven't quit.

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