Who bought anything on cheapbuz?Is this site a scam?

Discussion in 'Is this a scam?' started by Jane307, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Jane307

    Jane307 New Member

    hello,everybody! I want to know if this site is scam? It seems trustful,but i can not accept the price,it's very low.If anyone knows, please tell me.
    the website is http://www.cheapbuz.com
  2. Techmaster

    Techmaster Ninja

    The site is hosted on Bluehost Inc. in Utah, USA. They have the pay-per-click thing going on and they may actually be paying.

    Many of these types of sites are scams and are best avoided. No one just gives away free cash. There is usually a catch somewhere down the road.
    If it sounds too good to be true, it is!
  3. Fraudresponder

    Fraudresponder New Member

    Too Good To be.........

    sometimes the 'If It's too Good To Be True' rule should apply...........beware of site selling name brand products well below traditional discounted chains...........Thee is a lot of 'counterfeit' products and goods that appear to be legit...........Beware !!!
  4. kelly1985

    kelly1985 Banned

    Two months ago, I bought two pairs of shoes and three pieces of clothing in cheapbuz , and I received my package after 6 days, so this site can be trusted, although many are replica, but Worth buying. Good lucky to u.

    Admin edit. Totally false and misleading post by some one connected to the scam site. DMY
  5. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    cheapbuz a scam site.

    Interesting post, We call it false representation and spamming.

    Why call yourself Kelly, Chen Minmin? Who happens to be related to the site cheapbuz.

    If we see anyone posting like this, it proves that the site they are talking about is a scam site.

    So you earn yourself a ban.
  6. Veka

    Veka Samurai

    Dig deep enough and one might find a connection between jane and kelly. Fits in a pattern these sites spam forums.

    Inside EU we call these illegal pirated goods. :rolleyes: Importing large quantities is a felony and even one for own use is a misdemeanor. Customs will destroy these at buyers expence.
  7. Techmaster

    Techmaster Ninja

    www.cheapbuz.com has a TRUSTe seal on the bottom of the web page. I checked with TRUSTe and this web page is NOT registered with them, so the use of the seal is fraudulent. Abuse report was sent to TRUSTe.
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  8. Techmaster

    Techmaster Ninja

    If you attempt to purchase something off the site, the purchase page is not secure (no https:// page). Trying to pay via credit card takes you to https://pay.beijing.com.cn/customer/en/en_input_card_new.jsp
    Google bring up a few hits about pay.beijing.com.cn being a fake payment site that potentially steals credit card information.

    However (and this is the interesting part), VeriSign says that pay.beijing.com.cn is a registrant of theirs.

    I'm not finding much info that cheapbuz.com is actually a scam site though. They may be selling counterfeit goods, and if they're a Google Checkout Merchant, selling counterfeit goods would violate Google's policies.

    Apparently, more research needs to be done on this site before any actions are taken against it.

  9. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    They seem to advertise " Nike" shoes a lot, are they an official "Nike" distributor or are they selling illegal copies?
  10. Veka

    Veka Samurai

    OK just to make things little harder to cheapbuz.com I submitted a question to Nike thru consumerfraudreporting.org
    Something like "Is this site/company selling pirated Nike goods? Price does feel to be too low" Nice site that consumerfraudreporting.org BTW :D
  11. Templar

    Templar Super Moderator

    Domain Name.......... cheapbuz.com
    Organisation Name.... Lin Lizhi
    Organisation Address. Beijing road,Tian shang area
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Wulumuqi
    Organisation Address. 830000
    Organisation Address. XJ
    Organisation Address. CN

    Admin Name........... Chen Minmin
    Admin Address........ Beijing road,Tian shang area Huh ??
    Admin Address........
    Admin Address........ Wulumuqi
    Admin Address........ 830000
    Admin Address........ XJ
    Admin Address........ CN
    Admin Email.......... cheapbuz@gmail.com
    Admin Phone.......... +86.13015978044
    Admin Fax............ +86.13015978044
  12. Veka

    Veka Samurai

    And a reply from Nike

    Thanks but WTF! Cant Nike pass info inside its organisation? That says they kinda SUCK! Well mail forwarded to counterfeit@nike.com

  13. Techmaster

    Techmaster Ninja

    It doesn't look like Nike is too concerned about this site, because it is still up and running on Bluehost's servers.
  14. Veka

    Veka Samurai

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