Wiaam Rabah- Fraudster

Wiaam Rabah- Fraudster
This guy is Philistine-Lebanese national living in United Arab Emirates and running a huge real estate scam on the name of Green Valley Marrakech. This scam started back in 2016 when this fraudster along with some other accomplices hatched a big plan to lure people invest in his Green Valley project in Marrakec, Morocco. He did initially set up a site office and constructed a show house villa and used aggressive marketing tactics to lure innocent people buy his apartment and villas.

The proposed development is very far from local city with no proper access road and no amenities for someone to live there. He promised to make it No. 1 livable place in Morocco but in fact he had some different plan and that was to rob and steal money from innocent people looking for quality housing. He advertised it from UAE after setting up a company in Ajman, UAE which anyone can set up for less than $5000. By using power of media and advertisement he started booking apartments and villas taking deposits and subsequent installments but never started actual work on site. It is over two years he collects money from innocent buyers and practically does nothing. This matter has been raised in local newspapers in UAE also and people have started realising that they were dealing a fraudster.

I have posted whole scam details in my other thread http://antifraudintl.org/threads/green-valley-marrakech-international.127812/ and now it is time to name and shame this scumbag. I hope authorities in UAE will take appropriate action against this thief and send him to the place where he belongs to.

If you know this guy and are a victim of his scam, please report him to prosecution.

Here is face of this scumbag.


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On the green valley website it talks a lot about various "projects" and when one clicks on "Available Properties" a message appears saying this section is under construction. I get the same message when I try to find a finish date for the Marrakesh project.

So are any of these 'projects' actually finished?
Nothing is finished, actually nothing is started. I have uploaded few videos in my other post which are taken recently. Those videos show true picture of that project.