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Federal Reserve Bank of New York Headquarters: New York, NY, United States
of America Founded: 1914, New York City, New York, United States
ADDRESS: 33 Liberty St New York , NY 10045-0001

Dear Beneficiary,

I am very surprised when I received your fund cancellation letter this morning from the International Monetary fund (IMF) and United Nation just because of the $550 USD required for your fund transfer processing fee, how can you abandoned such amount of money $15.5 million usd Just because of the fee or does it mean that you are calling the fund nothing?

Each time am going through payment files in my office I discovered that your total fund $15.5 million USD is still undelivered in this Bank because of $550 USD, i feel pains in my heart because I don't know the reason you want to abandon such amount of money in your name after all the arrangement we have made to transfer your total fund into your bank account

If you don't want to claim your fund anymore kindly grant to us power of attorney to change your name from the fund government of U.S.A will confiscate it, and after 24 hours and no response from you government will cancel your name from the fund then you will forget about the fund.

God knows that I have done all my best to make sure that you received your fund but it seems like you don't want to receive your fund anymore, I wish you are Here to witness the processing of your fund by your self and you will know that I am telling you the truth.

Can you be able to come to the bank by your self?

Reply back urgent

For further details text us on: +1 (917) 423-4602

Mr. William C. Dudley
Director Federal Reserve Bank[plain]

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From: "Mr. William C. Dudley" <ivoposta1.2003@tin.it>
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Subject: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
New York, NY, United States of America
Founded: 1914, New York City, New York, United States
33 Liberty St, New York, NY 10045, USA
E-mail; federalreservebanknewyork1@mail.com


Your payment file worth $3.5 Million dollars was brought to the desk of Federal Reserve Bank this morning from Africa West and we have contacted our corresponding Bank in USA for transfer completion. So contact Federal Reserve Bank for further details regarding this payment.

Now, all modalities regarding your fund release/transfer have been put in place here in the Reserve Bank of United States of America, thus,your funds has been made ready for transfer in oursophisticated macro transfer system, what we need from you now is to provide to us the bank account of your choice where you want us to transfer your funds to, so that we can expedite action for the accreditation of your funds into your account immediately.

Below are the information needed for now the transfer

1.Banking Details
Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Account Name
Account Number:
Routing Number:
Swift Code:

Also you have to provide your personal details such as listed below for the transfer documentations process between your Bank HQ and Federal Reserve Bank.

2. Personal Details
Full Name:
Current Address:
Direct Mobile Number:
E-mail Address:
Private email I'd:
A copy of your identification:

Mr. William C. Dudley's
Director Federal Reserve Bank

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Subject: Foreign payment allocation security code (US/A84PRFGN2018)

Federal Reserve Bank New York
Date: We Have On 1st June, 2018.
Ref.: Payment Release Update.
Foreign payment allocation security code (US/A84PRFGN2018)

Attention and Greetings

I want to inform you that your compensation fund Payment File was brought to my desk today here in Federal Reserve Bank NY to Cancel because the director & management of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and United Nations (UN) have declared to divert your fund to the government treasury account just because you can not pay the payment processing form and signing fee since they are telling you everyday by day. And in reasoning wisely to this complain to avoid you regret or frustrate, I told them to wait until I hear from you today so that I will know the reason why you decide to rejected such amount of money total USD$3.950.000.00 which is your rightful & legal overdue compensation and actualization payment just because of processing form and signing fee.

but the reason why I sent this email to you again is because its your sweat and for this reason you still have this last chance to claim your fund if you can send only USD$97.00 today because I have already arranged your fund payment ready send to you but failing to do this, I will also allow them to have power over your fund and am very sorry if you failed as this is the last chance and all I can do for you.

Therefore, send the US$97.00 immediately you receive this email today and email your full name, bank information and address to me if you want your USD $3.950.000.00 be send to you by bank to bank wire transfer as officially projected with world bank group per day wire to you (24 Hours).

The second option is for you to send me the full name, telephone number and also home address if you want your fund be fully uploaded into automatic teller machine (ATM Master Card) and deliver to your collection via USPS as soon as possible. After you have sent the $97.00 and email the mtcn numbers, then you are to indicate your wish to receive your funds as I have stated above and the funds will be release to you without any hitch.

Here is the money gram information in the name of our accountant located in Kenya Repulic so that to avoid delay in receiving your fund and remember that I have done my best for you and I will make sure that your fund release will commence from the moment you sent this $97.00.

So send the $97.00 now and send me email with the money gram Copy of the transfer slip immediately you send it to:
Receivers Name:........Wycliff Andiva
COUNTRY :... Kenya
City : .......Mombasa
Test Question:.. In God
Answer :.. We Trust
Amount to send: ...$97.00
Sender's name.......

Send it and Attached us the money gram copy of the transfer payment slip for easy collection and releasing of your fund..Which we are waiting for your reply with the Attached of the transfer slip of the $97 usd immediately you send it today.. OK

Best Regards,
Mr. William C. Dudley's,
contact No: (504) 475-0539[plain]