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  1. Dr Buba , 'spellcaster' scammer - https://www.dr-buba-best-traditional-healer.com
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    Dr Buba??? I just got to have a part of this one. :D
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  3. Mama Kalaki , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://mamakalakisolution.wixsite.com/spell

    Dr Uduro , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://drudurohaberahome.wixsite.com/druduro

    Dr Okaya , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://okayaspellhelp0.wixsite.com/website
    Also using +27814506790 : ROLAND LOAN COMPANY LTD. - https://rolandaccessloanle.wixsite.com/website

    Marvin Investments Limited : http://marvininvestmentsl.wixsite.com/marvininvestment-uk

    Destiny Loan Firm : https://destinyfirmm.wixsite.com/destinyloanfirmweb
    Also accidentally call themselves Mr Jude Shanko Loan Firm

    Watts Gerald Loan Firm : https://wattsloanfirm5.wixsite.com/website

    Raymond Hills Finance Company , another loan scam: http://raymondhills12345.wixsite.com/loan

    World Best Loans , apart from the fact that it's a scam: http://worldbestloans.wixsite.com/worldbestloans
  4. Chief Mbowa , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://www.chiefmbowa.com
    Also uses the false names Chief Kulu and Psychic Kamara

    Abdul Karim , 'spellcaster' scammer: https://workingsangoma.wixsite.com/strongspells
  5. Dr Ultimate , 'spellcaster' scammer: http://ultimatespellcaste.wixsite.com/mysite

    Also runs loan scams under the name of 'Calvin Financial Loan Homes'.
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