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    I'm own an Import export Company in Italy and often I'm traveling in China for new deals, this time a company, <www.bssevenelec.com> wrote me with offer of selling Phone, TV and other Electronic Items, well to be honest, at price, I never see before, too low for brand Items like Samsung Galaxy 4, for 110 usd included shipping, so I said to myself let's lose little money, so I order one sample, I sent money by Bank wire, than few day after they ask to pay an extra 90 usd due their custom find in the bow a brand name so they charge extra tax,( these taxes has to be paid by them, not from me as importer , due are China tax) anyhow I sent the extra 90,00 usd, and days later they ask me to pay another 300,00 usd due deposit charge, I couldn't stop to think how can I buy a phone for500,00 usd from factory, wen the phone can cost me less from any retail shop in Italy? I told them and they said , sorry for it, but once I pay they will send me a PC worth 1000,00 usd for compensation, SO How can they believe, we living in Europe are became so idiot?
    anyhow for your information I will give you details of these people, and just don't buy from them, they are just crooks.

    Our western union account below:
    First Name:FENGCHI
    Last Name: DANG
    Address: No.22 XiangXing Road 4, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian,China.
    Zip: 361000
    Country/Region: China (Mainland)
    Province/State: Fujian
    City: Xiamen
    Mobile Phone:+8615652854194
    BANK TRANSFER(pls only leave your name when you pay,thanks)
    Beneficiary Name:BIN LI
    First Name:BIN
    Last Name :LI
    Bank:bank of China
    ACCOUNT: 6217906400005994414
    Address: No.22 XiangXing Road 4, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian,China.
    Zip: 361000
    Country/Region: China (Mainland)
    Province/State: Fujian
    City: Xiamen
    Mobile Phone:+8615652854194

    Email: <sale1@bssevenelec.com>
    Skype: jane.yang65
    Mobile Phone: +8615652854194
    Web: bssevenelec.com
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    Hello and welcome to AFI charly512tr


    This website is only registered for one year, that is a RED FLAG.

    Expires On May 08, 2015
    Registered On May 08, 2014

    Contact Us page:
    Cellphone no: +8615652854194 - no landline?
    No company address given on website.

    Seems somebody else is enquiring about this company. :rolleyes:
  3. charly512tr

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    I only lost 180 usd, but was my feeling from the beginning, too many wrong things advice me.... so I try to report them trough a Chinese friend living in China.. but, I was sure of those crooks..
  4. De Master Yoda

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    @charly512tr. Welcome to AFI.

    You can report this to the Chinese consulate in Milan:

    Chinese consulate in Milano Italy

    Website: http://milano.china-consulate.org
    Email: chinaconsul_mil_it@mfa.gov.cn
    Consul General: Ms. Liang Hui
    Address: Via Benaco, 4, 20139 Milano, Italy
    Office Hours: 09:00-12:00 Monday-Thursday
    Fax: +39-02-5694131

    Consular Section
    Office Hours: 09:00-10:00 Monday-Thursday
    Tel: +39-02-5520618
    Fax: +39-02-533257

    Administrative Office Tel: +39-02-5693869
    Science & Technology Section Tel: +39-02-5694020

    Economic & Commercial Section
    Address: Via Paleocapa 4, 20121 Milano, Italia
    Tel: +39-02-72021905, 72021988
    Fax: +39-02-86452219
    Email: milan@mofcom.gov.cn
    Website: http://milan.mofcom.gov.cn
  5. charly512tr

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but their will do nothing , and they ask to report to local Police....due they know very well, what go on in China.
  6. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    @charly512tr. What you say could be right and I think that the Chinese government do not object to money coming into China from Chinese businesses.

    However they do NOT want to have an international reputation for aiding bad business, so could act if they feel that their international reputation is in question.

    I would send them an email and also send one to the Italian police, mentioning to both parties that you have also send an email to both of them. I understand that the Guardia di Finanza handle cybercrime. I think they have a Gruppo Anticrimine Tecnologico (GAT): Counter-cybercrime Group.

    For allegations of fraud, information and technology, write to sos@gat.gdf.it

    At the very least there will be a record of the scam and if in the very unlikely event the scammers are caught, then this could be helpful.
  7. charly512tr

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    I will do it

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