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    www.escrow-fraud.com is worth being mentionnend here

    The owner of the site is american. The site contains a forum to identify false escrow and false logistic/shipping companies and they advise victims.There are some tools like International numbering plans to check phone-numbers, samspade and whois, the most important thing is a huge Image-Gallery
    that shows screenshots of the different templates, resp. lay-outs of the sites often used by the scammers with different URLs, so that one gets an visual impression and experience of these frauds:

  2. De Master Yoda

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    Re www.escrow-fraud.com

    @Caprice, thanks for posting this, any information we get, will help in building the overall picture and can greatly assist in doing damage to the scammers!:cool:
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    Changed Image Gallery

    Image gallery is now http://escrow-fraud.com/index.php?page=gallery

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