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Hi everyone,

I had received a similar email a few weeks ago and hadn't found this forum until now. They sent their address and so on, invited me to China for a "long term negotiation". The same $400,000 price range and also, this numbered list.

"1.Please kindly quota us the lowest discount price, Ex-factory price or FOB.
2. Could you kindly tell us your payment condition?( such as how much deposit etc)
3. How long will you delivery the products to us when receiving the deposit?
4. Could you kindly provide us the relevant certificate and the files about your company?( such as the Certificates of Quality)
5.Do you have any branch or agent in China? Have you ever came to China?
6. Our CEO is looking forward to meeting with you and talking about the details of the long-term cooperation and the formalities and the funds.
We sincerely wait for your kind quotation."

So in the end, if it does seem to be too good to be true, it probably is. Don't bite on these peasants, the scums who try to steal from us who are working for our money.


Company: Xi’an Qing Xian Lv Trading Co. Ltd
Contact: Betty
Email: officexfqxl@163.com

Company Name:Xi'an Qing Xian LV Trading Co.,Ltd
Address: No. 216 Tai Bai South Road, Yan Ta District, Xi’an City, China
Website :www.qingxuanlv.com
Tel:+86-29- 63391025
Postal code:710065

Email example:

this is our first cooperation , our leaders attach great importance to it in order to enhance mutual understanding in the further and discuss long-term cooperation plan. So our General Manager sincerely invite you to our company ,not only sign our first contract , but also discuss our future cooperation .Hope you can consider our invitation .
Looking forwrad to your reply .

Dear xxxx

Sorry for my mistake .
we have contacted the notary office this afternoon ,the clerk informed us the charging standard of notary fee is 0.3% of the total amount of the contract .
So each party afford 50% , 626.34 USD . Have u checked your schedule ? when u can visit us ?

Since when is a notarization a percentage? what if is was a Marriage certificate? When it sounds like rubbish it is. They also want to share the fee. We offered to do it at our lawyer next door but the "dont trust your people"


So people, you are all complaining they are SCAM but in reality nobody tried to test them. They want to make a payment, they are not asking you to send them some upfront money. Maybe i'm weird and i don't understand you all.

I just issued them an Invoice for $105,000. Let's see how it goes.

P.S. : It's costing me NOTHING to issue an invoice and see if they send the money or not.

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We wouldn't waste time testing them because we already know it's a scam and eventually they will ask for upfront money. And they're going to send you $105,000? I do hope you aren't holding your breath because we can already tell you they'll never pay you.


Well, like i told you, it cost me nothing to see if THEY (and not me) are really sending the money. Just assuming it's like judging someone only by his clothes or rumors. As long as they don't ask me to pay something upfront to start their order and they make the payment, i don;t know how can this be a scam. I know it sounds to good to be true and i am thinking for over a month what the scam could be if they are sending the money and they are not asking for nothing upfront. I couldn't find an answer to my question.

I just have to wait and see if my account will be bigger with $105,000.


Hello all,
we are dealing since november exactly with the same Xi'an Qing Xian LV company, the same Betty and a similar request.
The strange fact to me was that they have a website where they show they sell electric cables and other technical accessories while we produce wine....
But in any case, since still there are places in China where commerce and merchandises are really mixed I will send them a proforma, for the order they placed and see what happens.
By the way: I received today the contract form where the famous notary expenses are mentioned but also an arbitrate, in China..... fantastic...!
I will keep you posted....

Peter Europe

Hi everybody,

Thank you for sharing this information!
We received a similar order from:
Xi'an Qing Xian LV Trading Co.,Ltd

And are also dealing with a "Betty".

FYI: Their website is operated from Canada.


Hello to all,

we have been contacted for a huge order by the company

Address : No. 10 Rong Xin Road, Gao Xin District, Xi’an City, China

which is almost identical as

Xi’an Qing Xian Lv Trading Co., Ltd
Address:No. 216 Tai Bai South Road, Yan Ta District, Xi’an

So, we assume that it is also a scam company.
If "magically" happens that its not, we will inform you :D

De Master Yoda

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Confirmed total scam.
The key is they place such a large order (usually $100,000 + but the average is $250,000+) so - you take time and effort to visit - you want this deal - right? It would be great for your business.

Understand that notorising is not required for a purchase contract in China, nor are you required to fly to China to sign off on contracts, any time I have been asked to visit for this purpose it was 100% a scam. By putting you on the spot - you are an easy target. If your gut says this is too good to be true, and you feel uncomfortable in any meeting. STOP - RESET - DO NOT PAY ANYTHING - you are in the middle of a scam 100%.

You can test this by saying
"I need to revert back to my office"
"We require both directors to sign off on this so I will need to take this back to the office for final signoff" - a good one to use and stand by.
"Payments require authorization through our finance department" - this is good to use as well. China Companies usually operate large outgoing funds in this way - so use it back at them.
"I don't carry that kind of money with me" - who does? - But they will have a solution immediately for you (further below)
Just watch them look really disappointed, That they need to close this deal quickly or it will not happen. They only have a small window to get this signed off! your ALARM should ring when they offer to take you to a bank to get funds out to pay any amount.
You are officially in the middle of a scam 100%.

Notorising of any documents can and should be done in the sellers country via the sellers notary attorney, then the sellers govt dept of foreign affairs and trade
the China consulate in your country for about AUD$150 - $200.

But you visited and when put on the spot you may question what you already know, naturally you want the deal to go through. - it never will.
The key is stop and initiate your exit plan.
1/ Remember you are the seller - you should not pay your buyer a single cent.
2/ In China a contract is not legitimate unless it is in CHINESE and the jurisdiction is in CHINA. Any other contract is void. (Let me guess - they agreed to ALL your terms pretty much without negotiation and happy to have in English = scam.
2/ If they offer to take you to a bank when you say you do not carry that kind of money - and they will = scam - make your exit
3/ If they mention gifts, bribes, presents (to officials or others) this is illegal under international law
- make your exit
4/ If they arranged or recommended your hotel - change hotels if possible - they usually have contacts at the hotel. If you cannot leave make sure to leave the negotiation open and on the table, continue to be friendly saying you have to revert back once you get back to your office.

Hope this helps. I've seen some pretty good ones over 25 years in exporting.

PS : The central cities in China (cities not on the east coast are the higher risk cities in 2017 - 2018 currently. The scam can be any commodity so don't think you industry is immune to the scammers.