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Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018
From: "John F. Kelly" <>
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Subject: This message comes from your (EMAIL SERVICE

This message comes from your (EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER) messaging admin center to All E-mail-Account owners. We are currently improving our Database and E-mail Account Center and creating more certainty for our Legal Service clients At this moment we are upgrading our data base so that there will be more space for new customers and increasing the surf on the Internet. To prevent your Email address not to be DE-activated and to enable it upgraded, Because we understand that last time that your email was compromised because it was associated with lack of up gradable in order to secure your email from losing again just follow the instruction instructed bellow

you need to assist us by sending the information below to enable us upgrade it, so that your email account status were fleet in our database as a very active, useful and legal email account.

Do send to us the below information to enable us upgrade your Account, else your email account will lost in a short time.
Email text question: ______
email text answer: _____
First Name: ___________
Last Name: ___________
Date of Birth: __________
E-mail Address: _________
E-mail pass-word: ________
Alternative Email:Alternative: pass-word: Country or territory:State:

WARNING!!! E-MAIL OWNERS who refuses to upgrade his or her account within Five days after notification of this update will permanently be deleted from our data base and can also lead to malfunctioning of the client or user's account and we will not be responsible for loosing our account.