419 scams hit Kenya


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IT News Africa

October 7, 2008

“Kenyans have not been spared by cyber crooks, an increase in fraud has been witnessed and the victims have lost heavily.
The East Africans have seen a surging e-mail and computer fraud in the financial services sector, seeing their bank balances emptied and savings wiped out in electronic scams.
Business Daily said world figures show financial service fraud is at its highest level, accounting for more than 90 per cent of computer rip-offs, as fraudsters use computer viruses and e-mail campaigns to track down banking codes and balances.
Several Kenyan banks have suffered attacks, but the greater risk in Kenya is proving to be e-mail campaigns, sent, purportedly, by the banks themselves.
Internet scams are nothing new, but developing countries with new internet users are offering scammers a whole new pool of fresh victims.
The Nigerian 419 scam is the cockroach of e-mail scams. It survives, no matter what. The best antidote is informed consumers, using the bright light of skepticism and knowledge. That’ll send those bugs scrambling into their dark corners.â€￾

By ITnewsAfrica.com Reporter

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