419 Scams

These scams are generally from Nigeria or some other foreign country. They will say that there is a large amount of money (nearly always in the millions) that they need your help to get. All you need to do is something that seems really easy. You will get a commission of the money, usually somewhere between 10-25%. You are later asked to pay advance "fees" and "difficulties". These payment request will never end until you give them all your money or realize its a scam. These types of scams are becoming more prevalent in recent years.

Here is a classic example that I received a few years ago:
This scam is becoming an increasing risk to the good people of the world's money. More and more people are falling for this every day. Remember this simple rule: If it looks to good to be true, IT IS!


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A word of caution

I nearly fell for one of these scams once. Beware, they can be tricky. I was only stopper by the member you know as Darth Vader.


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re 419 scam:

D.V. etc: I thought it curious that the committee was prohibited from holding the money but then said they would take the 75% left over. Why bother? leroy7
Some quick scam overveiws!

This is from my bank. It's on top of e-mail scams. It's a quick guide to scams and what to look out for!

Please, become familiar with the information below concerning the Nigerian Scam and communicate this information with others!

The Purchase:
Notification that individuals were scammed when selling vehicles or other merchandise over the Internet and/or persons looking for assistance with donations to a fictitious charity and/or a fictitious business.

The suspect would agree to the purchase price and/or amount that are to be donated and then forward an official check and/or a cashier's check for more than the agreed purchase price.

A request would be accompanied with the check or in email prior to sending the check to the individual with instructions to wire them the difference. The instructions indicate that there will be extra monies that the individuals are supposed to keep for their inconvenience and/or time and assistance.

Funds are wired to the suspect and then the check is returned counterfeit leaving the individual at a loss.

Key words used in the correspondence or in the instructions are "urgent", "immediately", "priority", "religion- statements", "God Bless", "May God walk with you" and always "thank you", profusely.

The dollar amounts that have been negotiated are between $4,000.00 - $200,000.00.

The Lottery:
Individual receives a call stating that they have won an "overseas" and/or the "state" lottery.

Individual is requested to give personal information including financial information.

Individual will receive miscellaneous paperwork to complete for them to claim their winnings or is presented with a counterfeit lottery ticket that matches past week's winnings.

Individual will be required to wire funds or send a turn over a cashier's check to cover the taxes on the winnings.

Utilizing the following precautions could assist when purchasing and/or selling items via the Internet.
Cash check at maker financial institution.

Demand cash or wire. If you must take a cashier's check and/or money order you will need to contact the financial institution to verify that the item can be validated (not counterfeited).

If deposited, please allow sufficient time for item to clear the maker's financial institution, recommend 30-days.

Validate the information that you are receiving concerning the charity, business or lottery.

If in doubt check it out!!


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Nigerian 419 scam

I receive hundreds of such scam emails every month.
I'll post a dozen of them here later. :)


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Actually we all receive them. That's why this site is here.
This site should be seen on all the headers of internet providers, or messengers like yahoo, google, hotmail, etc.
It would have prevented me from losing money on a scam


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The Nigerian Scam Defined


Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website
We Fight the Nigerian Scam with Education
We track visitors. Privacy Policy

The Nigerian Scam Defined
A Five Billion US$ (as of 1996, much more now) worldwide Scam which has run since the early 1980's under Successive Governments of Nigeria. It is also referred to as "Advance Fee Fraud", "419 Fraud" (Four-One-Nine) after a formerly relevant section of the Criminal Code of Nigeria, and "The Nigerian Connection" (mostly in Europe). However, it is usually called plain old "419" even by the Nigerians themselves. In brief, 419 is a sub-classification of Advance Fee Fraud crime in which the perpetrators are West Africans, primarily Nigerians, operating globally from Nigeria and elsewhere.
The Scam operates as follows: the target receives an unsolicited fax, email, or letter often concerning Nigeria or another African nation containing either a money laundering or other illegal proposal OR you may receive a Legal and Legitimate business proposal by normal means. Common variations on the Scam include "overinvoiced" or "double invoiced" oil or other supply and service contracts where your Bad Guys want to get the overage out of Nigeria (Classic 419); crude oil and other commodity deals (a form of Goods and Services 419); a "bequest" left you in a will (Will Scam 419); "money cleaning" where your Bad Guy has a lot of currency that needs to be "chemically cleaned" before it can be used and he needs the cost of the chemicals (Black Currency 419) ; "spoof banks" where there is supposedly money in your name already on deposit; "paying" for a purchase with a check larger than the amount required and asking for change to be advanced (cashier's check and money order 419); fake lottery 419; chat room and romance 419 (usually coupled with one of the other forms of 419); employment 419 (including secret shopper 419) ; and ordering items and commodities off "trading" and "auction" sites on the web and then cheating the seller. The variations of Advance Fee Fraud (419) are very creative and virtually endless, so do not consider the above as an all-inclusive list!

At some point, the victim is asked to pay up front an Advance Fee of some sort, be it an "Advance Fee", "Transfer Tax", "Performance Bond", or to extend credit, grant COD privileges, send back "change" on an overage cashier's check or money order, whatever. If the victim pays the Fee, there are often many "Complications" which require still more advance payments until the victim either quits, runs out of money, or both. If the victim extends credit on a given transaction etc. he may also pay such fees ("nerfund" etc.), and also stiffed for the Goods or Service with NO Effective Recourse.

Most 419 letters and emails originate from or are traceable back to Nigeria. However, some originate from other nations, mostly also West African nations such as Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast ( Cote D'Ivoire ) etc. In most cases 419 emails from other nations (even European nations like the UK, the Netherlands, Spain etc. ) are also Nigerian in that the "Home Office" of the 419ers involved is Nigeria regardless of the apparent source of the contact materials. But there are occasionally some "local" copycats trying to emulate the success of the Nigerians, generally not very successfully.

The Nigerian Scam is, according to published reports, the Third to Fifth largest industry in Nigeria. It is the 419 Coalition view that the elites from which the governing classes of Nigeria are drawn contain 419 Scammers which can make it difficult for victims seeking recourse in these matters. Monies stolen by 419 operations are very rarely recovered from Nigeria, although the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) led by Nuhu Ribadu and Ibrahim Lamorde made some welcome progress in that regard over the last few years.

Ribadu and Lamorde were, however, replaced by Mrs. Farida Waziri as head of the EFCC in early 2008. It remains to be seen if the EFCC is, under her leadership, as active in counter-419 matters as it was under Ribadu and Lamorde. The governments of the world and counter-419 NGO's like 419 Coalition are of course monitoring her job performance in terms of arresting 419ers, convicting 419ers, seizure and liquidation of 419ed assets, and repatriation of 419ed funds.

PLEASE DON'T SEND 419 COALITION A COPY OF THE 419 SOLICITATION YOU RECEIVED, we've seen tens of thousands already.


Please Read the ENTIRE site BEFORE contacting 419 Coalition for information, questions etc., as ALL AVAILABLE INFORMATION AND DATA IS ALREADY SUMMARIZED AND POSTED UP ON THIS SITE.


.NExT Web Security has prepared a Flowchart of "Classic 419" Type Operations which is very helpful in conceptualizing the lifecycle of these criminal enterprises.
Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations, a Netherlands - based firm which has been studying 419 matters since the mid -1990's, has prepared a report titled 419 Advance Fee Fraud Statistics each of the last few years. These stats are based on Ultrascan's in-house investigations and include, by nation: number of 419 rings; number of 419ers; income of the 419ers (the amount of losses by victims to the 419ers); and additional data. 419 Coalition view is that these stats present a reasonably conservative and realistic look at the extent and magnitude of 419 criminal operations worldwide. Ultrascan accompanied their compilation of 419 Statistics for 2005 with a Press Release that still serves as an excellent short summary of the modes of 419er operations. It stresses the need for Centralized counter-419 operations by country and for simplified reporting of 419 by country in order to control it.


Courtesy of The 419 Coalition
1. NEVER pay anything up front for ANY reason.
2. NEVER extend credit for ANY reason.
3. NEVER do ANYTHING until their check clears.
4. NEVER expect ANY help from the Nigerian Government.
5. NEVER rely on YOUR Government to bail you out.


What To Do If You Receive A Nigerian Scam/419 Letter
[All information in the What To Do and the Additional Country Specific Reporting sections of this site is kept as current as possible. The most recent update of these sections of the site was done in OCT 2007]

2. Notify your Own Nation's National Law Enforcement Agency and your Own Nation's Foreign Office.

3. File a Complaint with the Nigerian Embassy or High Commission in your nation. It used to be possible to email complaints and 419 materials in to the Central Bank of Nigeria and to the Nigeria Police, but those email addresses have not worked for some time.

4. For Loss cases only, you may file a complaint with the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Their website is at http://www.efccnigeria.org/ You may also file complaints with the Central Bank of Nigeria Anticorruption Unit at anticorruptionunit@cenbank.org and should do so especially if CBN is mentioned in the 419 materials.

5. If the contact from the 419ers was via email: write their email provider at their "abuse" address (abuse@yahoo.com, abuse@onebox.com etc.) and include the 419er message with its headers; complain about the 419 message; and ask that the account be shut down. You may also file complaints with watchdog type sevices like Spamcop to try and get the 419ers email accounts shut off by whatever ISP they are using - Spamcop and other services like it will parse the headers of the 419 email and try to see through forged information etc. to get back to the actual origin of the 419 email, which is often useful in these matters.

Please remember that it is important to include the message's full header information. This is necessary for tracking the message's point of origin. This extra information is not shown by default, and the method of displaying it depends on the email resource you use. If you don't know how to display full headers, please see the instructions in your mail program or website. (Note: Many webpage-based email hosts include a "full headers" option link near the top of the message.)

Some 419ers give different email addies in the body of their mail than the one they sent from. You should complain to "abuse" etc. at those email providers as well.


Additional Country Specific Reporting Instructions
Australia - Additional Country Specific Instructions - Australia
According to the West African Crime Section (WAOCS) in the UK, Australians are to report 419 matters In Australia to their local police and to the Australian West African Organized Crime Section at er-waoc@afp.gov.au
You can also report 419 scams via Scamwatch, a service provided by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission of the Australian government.


Belgium - Additional Country Specific Instructions - Belgium
The Belgian Federal Police encourages everyone not to reply to these suspect emails. 419 emails received by Belgian citizens or which contain Belgian phone numbers or other Belgian information should be sent, with headers, in to the Belgian Federal Police at contact@fccu.be so the police can use these mails in further investigations.


Canada - Additional Country Specific Instructions - Canada
Regional Offices of the RCMP Commercial Crime Branch are the proper places to direct inquiries. The phone/fax numbers of the nearest CCB office are available from any local detachment of the RCMP/GRC.
Also, in Canada, The Phonebusters National Call Centre (PNCC) is a joint partnership involving the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Phonebusters is very interested in receiving copies of any 'new' versions of Nigerian letter schemes particularly those involving Canadian mailing addresses or telephone numbers. You can email such 419 letters to them at WAFL@phonebusters.com

You may also access the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Website (RCMP/GRC) which contains a section on the Nigerian Scam.


Netherlands - Additional Country Specific Instructions - Netherlands
The Fraud Department of the National Criminal Intelligence Service of the Netherlands is investigating worldwide fraudulent practices known as the "Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud" or the "Nigerian 419 Fraud."
If you have suffered a Loss to 419 scammers operating from The Netherlands, report the matter to the Dutch authorities at WACN@klpd.politie.nl. Please put APOLLO - LOSS in the subject line of your email.

You are also asked to file No Loss reports on 419 solicitations related to The Netherlands, particularly those containing a Dutch phone number, banking data, post address or other tangible data, to WACN@klpd.politie.nl. Please show the headers of forwarded 419 solicitations and put APOLLO - NO LOSS in the subject line and/or at the top of the body of the forwarded 419 solicitation.

For post/fedex, fax, and voice reporting, the information is:

Reference: Project Apollo (LOSS or NO LOSS)
Korps Landelijke Politiediensten
Postbus 3016
2700 KX Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

Telephone no. : 0031- 79- 3458900
Fax.no. : 0031- 79- 3459100


South Africa - Additional Country Specific Instructions - South Africa
You may fax all Scam documents referencing South Africa, especially those with phone numbers or banking information, to the Commercial Branch, South African Police Service, Head Office for attention Superintendent SC Schambriel at facsimile number +27 12 339 1202, telephone number + 27 12 339 1203 or e-mail hq.commercial@saps.org.za. Please mention whether or not you have incurred any financial loss.
The South African Police Service maintains a 419 Scams/Nigerian Letters Alert on their website. They also have a counter-419 notice in their FAQ Section on the site. They also used to show a short Anti-419 Pamphlet which was issued by and available from the South African Police Service, Click Here.


United Kingdom - Additional Country Specific Instructions - United Kingdom
Basically, the UK has decentralized 419 reporting and does not want to hear from people unless there has been a loss or a UK bank account or phone number is given by the 419ers. The complete instructions can be seen at the London Metropolitan Police website section concerning Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud: http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalert/419.htm


United States - Additional Country Specific Instructions - United States
1. The United States Secret Service continues to be tasked as the primary US law enforcement agency in dealing with Advance Fee Fraud (419) matters. NOTICE: EFFECTIVE 20 JUN 2007 THE SECRET SERVICE HAS ILL-ADVISEDLY AND SHORTSIGHTEDLY (our view, we're trying very hard not to use the word "Stupidly") TERMINATED ITS LONG-STANDING CENTRALIZED 419.fcd@usss.treas.gov NO-LOSS REPORTING ADDRESS. If you want to complain to USSS about this, here is their Public Affairs Section Comment Form, that might be useful. There is no point in hassling 419 Coalition about this situation. We ourselves are very upset about this matter and have already tried to get the centralized no-loss reporting address put back into service, to no avail.
2. United States Citizens and Residents who HAVE suffered a Financial Loss are instructed to contact the nearest Field Office of the United States Secret Service (USSS) by telephone.

3. You may file a Financial Loss complaint online with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) [formerly the Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) ]. This organization is a partnership of the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

4. American citizens concerned that they may be the victims of an international scam may also call the U.S. Department of State at (888) 407-4747 or the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

5. Anyone who has not suffered a loss, but who wishes report receipt of 419 "spam", may forward the 419 solicitation they have received, with headers, to the Federal Trade Commission at spam@uce.gov for their database.


Nigerian Scam News, Links, Information, & Analysis
Additional Data and Analysis on the Nigerian Scam, plus LATEST NEWS and Other Information follows. PLEASE READ EVERY PAGE to get a Comprehensive View of the Nigerian Scam and the Efforts of Public and Private Agencies to Combat It. LINKS to other Scam Fighting Websites are also provided below for your convenience.



BOOKS AND MOVIES ON 419 and how to purchase them, including
Brian Wizard's "Nigerian 419 Scam: 'Game Over'!"

Nigerian Government SEP 2002 Response to FinCEN Financial Advisory Notice
Reports on International Advance Fee (419) Fraud Conference of 17 SEP 2002
Full Text of H.R. 3916: the "Nigerian Advanced Fee Fraud Prevention Act of 1998"

US Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs - Financial Scams Brochure (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required. This is a large pdf file - a long download but the brochure is excellent)
US Department of State - Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs - Publication 10465 - "Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud" (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required. This is a large pdf file - a long download but an excellent publication)
US Department of State - Tips for Business Travelers to Nigeria
US Department of State - Travel Warning on Nigeria
US Secret Service Nigerian Scam Warning in Various Languages
Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud Scam Alert in Arabic (in both .rtf and .pdf files)

Transparency International Mucks It Up On 419
Private Firms Interested in 419 Recovery Operations

Sample Nigerian Scam/419 Letters
Government of Nigeria Involvement in the Scam
Government of Nigeria Media Campaigns
419 Coalition Recommendations on the Nigerian Scam
Select Nigerian Organizations Fighting the Nigerian Scam
Response to Nigerian Gov't Statement on IIS & 419 Coalition
Alpha Electronics Statement on the Nigerian Scam
419 Coalition Peace with Honor Proposal (Expired 31 MAR 97)
419 Coalition at YOUR site
About The 419 Coalition


Most in English, but also some in French, Dutch, Swedish & Portuguese languages.


419 Coalition appreciates immensely the contributions of the media in fighting 419, as publicity and education are two of the best ways currently available to fight 419.
419 Coalition is always glad to try and answer via email any questions from individuals or journalists on 419 matters which are NOT already covered on the site.

419 Coalition no longer takes voice calls nor does voice interviews. We used to, but we were too overwhelmed to continue doing so. However, author Brian Wizard ( Nigerian 419 Scam: Game Over! ) does enjoy doing occasional voice interviews. US Secret Service 419 Task Force also has spokesmen available for interviews, call them in Washington DC at 202-406-5850.

419 Coalition no longer "furnishes" 419 victims to the media for interviews, sorry. However, several victims have stated in our News sections that they are available for interview and have given their contact data, so check there


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Some frauds do things with a flair


Some frauds do things with a flair

By Tim Darragh | Of The Morning Call
July 15, 2009

The scams: We've Got Your Back despises what scammers try to do, particularly when they violate senior citizens' sense of security and the good name of American soldiers. Having said that, you have to believe that some online thieves have a sense of humor. They do evil things, but they do it with a dash of irony and cluelessness.

How they work: A colleague recently received this whopper: ''This e-mail is to inform you that your online account has been temporarily suspended. Reason: Identity Verification. In order to continue using the Online Banking please verify your profile. Unlocking your profile will take approximately one minute to complete.'' The sender? Integrity Bank.

One Nigerian scam letter writer wrote: ''We hereby bring to your notice that your ATM CARD that was surpose to be deliver to you by the courier company is been brought back to us due to some reason that you refuse to comply with them and also you refuse to pay for the safe keeping fee.'' We won't make you read the rest.

Another one supposedly from the United Nations offered $500,000 to recipients. They were chosen to receive the windfall because they may have been victims of -- you guessed it -- online scams.

What to do: Enjoy a chuckle at their expense; they deserve it. Then hit delete.

We've Got Your Back is a column warning the public about frauds and other illegal activities against consumers. If you want to report a scam, contact gotyourback@mcall.com or call 610-820-6590.


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Nigerian New Scam - 419

Nigerian New Scam -419

The email comes with an invitation to partner to receive a suitcase with several million dollars of currency or gold bars. The recipient shall receive 30% of the bundle for helping to receive the consignment.

The recipient has to pay the delivery fee to the Agent Euro 25,000 to be paid. This was refused.

Alternatively, the scam also involves items offered in Craigs List, with an offer to purchase at the full price and a demand for the collection fee. This was refused.

Then a new email confirming that the deal has been successful and a fee for your efforts is now offered. The fee is being sent from Lithuania using a United Nations courier. A copy of the passport is attached.

The validity of the passport is 20 years. These Nigerians who operate this scam is straight from a Nigerian jungle cave. The sender (Sheridan Powel" <sheridan1box@gmail.com>) now speaks several times by phone with the telephone number hidden.

Then numerous emails confirming the Agent is now in your City and upon payment of Euro 12,000, you are entitled to receive the Box with Euro one million and the recipient shall claim Euro 100,000 upon payment. The recipient is now given the secret 4x2 numbers to the combination of the box. Payment of Euro 12,000 refused.

The sender offers to pay Euro 7000 and the recipient is invited to pay Euro 5000 to an account in a local bank.
Payment refused. The telephone number of the sender now (accidentally) displayed as +23 4708 053 1688.
When called Miss Sheridan offers business partnership to handle other scams. Interpol should be able to trace the Caller Identification.

In desperation the sender now claims to be in Manchester England, taking care of her mother in hospital and begs to meet the demand of the Agent. The Agent who is supposed to be the holder of the Lithuanian passport speaks in a typical African Nigerian voice. The telephone number carries a Lithuanian country code.

When confronted over the telephone, the Nigerian scammer, obviously of low intelligence and mentality starts abuse.


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Scamers mistakes

- Should have a secure company e-mail , they send messages from an unsecure public adress(yahoo , google)
- They don't have a valid website.
- Should send personalized attached documents
- I received 2 messages from the same scamer for loan offer, he presents two diferent rates 3% and 2%



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I Just got this one... "Hello Dear"

I just got this email:

"Hello dear,

I am using this medium to notify you of a mutual transaction that entails the transfer of $21.5 Million (Twenty-one Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) in my bank in China to you as the beneficiary. This transaction will be done 100% risk free being the financial officer of the deceased customer.

Please contact on my private email below for any question and further clarification."

...I'm just wondering how many people actually respond to these kinds of emails? And then how does the scammer extract money from them? Probably, "wire us some money so we can send you more"...