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I don't know if it is the right place to post but I have received by email two websites that I think could be a scam,

hxxp://zlgxfc.com/ Warning this site is VIRAL . Please see my post below. DMY
hxxp://www. world.com/ Warning this site is also viral. DMY
or hxxp://www.eokshop.com/ (that's the same) Warning= Website eokshop.com
Detections 1 / 18 (6 %)
Status SUSPICIOUS Another to avoid. DMY

The first one I have never heard about it and from what I read in the web it's probably a scam.
From the second I have some feedback, I know personally a girl who ordered an Ipad and 1 week later the original ipad arrived at the destination.And she payed, by bank transfer, just what they announce as the final cost. A friend of her ordered from the same website a couple of days later a cell phone and it is stuck in the China's Customs and he has to pay some extra money to get it.
Does anybody knows anything about those websites, specially from the second one?


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www . eokshop.com looks like it's registered in the U.S. It's supposed to be a Chinese company?


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Yes, in the website they say they are from china and they also have an office in Canada.
As you can see in this image taken from the "about us" section of the site.

Here is some info about the bank, witch they send to make the payments

Payment by bank transfer information:
①Beneficiary : YiChao Ma
②Beneficiary Address: No.302-19,Ju Hua Yuan , Xi'an ,Shanxi province ,China.
③Bank Name:Bank of China Shanxi Branch
④Swift Code : BKCHCNBJ620
⑤Bank Account : 307879020004784
⑥Bank Address: No.38,Ju Hua Yuan, Xi'an ,Shanxi province ,China.
⑦Post Code:710001

De Master Yoda

VIRAL sites.

@tiga88. I think this will answer your questions as to their intentions.

WARNING VIRAL LINK.Website zlgxfc.com
Domain Hash 469929de17b8aa9962f118d5095d1ab0
IP Address [SCAN]
IP Hostname -
IP Country CA (Canada)
AS Number 6539
AS Name GT-BELL - Bell Canada
Detections 4 / 17 (24 %)

Scanning site with: hpHosts DETECTED
Scanning site with: joewein.de LLC CLEAN
Scanning site with: Malware Domain List CLEAN
Scanning site with: Malware Patrol CLEAN
Scanning site with: MyWOT DETECTED
Scanning site with: Norton SafeWeb UNRATED
Scanning site with: ParetoLogic URL Clearing House CLEAN
Scanning site with: PhishTank CLEAN
Scanning site with: SURBL DETECTED
Scanning site with: Threat Log CLEAN
Scanning site with: TrendMicro Web Reputation CLEAN
Scanning site with: URIBL DETECTED

Warning this site is also viral. DMY

Website world.com
Domain Hash a4994e201182da63221c9a331124e25c
IP Address [SCAN]
IP Hostname unknown.scnet.net
IP Country US (United States)
AS Number 23352
AS Name SERVERCENTRAL - Server Central Network
Detections 3 / 17 (18 %)
The website zlgxfc,com is viral.

Warning= Website eokshop.com
Domain Hash 1b922daaa7c55bd10e9ec7fecdc94d6f
IP Address [SCAN]
IP Hostname -
IP Country US (United States)
AS Number 32392
AS Name OPENTRANSFER-ECOMMERCE - Ecommerce Corporatio...
Detections 1 / 18 (6 %)
Status SUSPICIOUS Another to avoid. DMY



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I made a mistake the website is called:
hxxp://www. 8gworld.com/

I am running a kaspersky scan (purchased license) on my pc and it couldn't find anything.
I was wondering if someone has some feedback about 8gworld, good or bad...just share.



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A friend has ordered an ipod from them after someone he knew got one. He paid and has now had an email saying it's stuck in customs and they need a further 90 EUR. Surely if it was stuck in customs it would be in the country to which it was sent not the country from which it was sent?


i have that problem!!!

Hello i have the same problem, i order a ipod touch 64gb and have the same customs problem, i pay 60 eur more and i still waiting for the track number o any respond of the item, i already send a loooooot of mails and i dont really know what to do, im from venezuela, but i will send the ipod to my parents in spain, if anyone have some answer to this problem please tell me because i really worry. Thanks for the help and sorry for my bad english!!!


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I never ordered anything.
But a friend of mine who ordered a cell phone got the same problem as you.
Phone stuck at the customs. He managed to solve the problem by sending several emails and complaining at the website. They returned him the money.
I was surprised about this but that's a fact. He lost the taxes of transaction that the bank charges but that's normal.
At least he could have his 300€ € or near back in his pocket.

His words were: "I'll never believe that site again"
Has I understood, cell phones like Iphone etc are shipped from China, and the Ipad (which I previously mentioned) came successfully from Canada.


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I dount anyone every got anything from these people. It's a scam. what kind of help do you need saeba?


possible fraud

I bought some phone in this site and I pay with PayPal.. PayPal say that they refund me only if I don't receive the package...


PayPal refund me only if I don't receive nothing. So If the seller send me the package with a bottle, PayPal don't refund.

PayPal isn't a secure payment and I want to allert people. Pay attention! PayPal completely refund for a different receive good only If you buy on eBay!


Now I'm waiting for the package.. the shipping invoice is ok.. I only can wait

Did Paypal refund you money or did you get a package?