A 28 Year-Old Nigerian Arrested Over Rs.10 lakh Cyber Fraud…Ajayi Sunday Olufemi

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September 4, 2013 5:59 pm
Mumbai_Police A 28-year-old Nigerian national was arrested here in a cyber fraud of Rs.10 lakh, police said Wednesday.

Ajayi Sunday Olufemi, a resident of Iro Street, Ekiti state in Nigeria, was arrested from Goregaon in Mumbai after police put his mobile phone on surveillance.

A police officer said, “Olufemi was residing in Mumbai since 2008 on student visa and had completed his BSc in hospitality from Mumbai University.”

Acting on a complaint registered Aug 26 by Sagar Nandi, Olufemi was arrested for cheating him of Rs.10 lakh through cyber crime, said the officer.

He added, “He cheated several people by sending random e-mails with fake sites and IDs of British High Commission visa department and London-based Hilton Hotel, offering them job.”

Nandi was also offered a job through an e-mail purported to be from Hilton Hotel and asked to mail his resume.

The officer said, “Nandi mailed his resume and received an appointment letter through the said mail ID of Hilton Hotel. He again received an e-mail in the name of British High Commission visa department, asking him to deposit Rs.10 lakh for visa processing.”

He said, “Getting allured by the offer, the complainant deposited Rs.1,012,400 in different accounts. He was being contacted from an Indian and another UK number.”

The complainant grew suspicious after he received another call from the UK number, purportedly calling from the Hilton Hotel and demanding 3,000 pounds more for visa charges.

The officer said, “When he matched the call time, it was 4.30 a.m. as per London time and an odd hour for official communication.”

He said, “Nandi then himself contacted Hilton Hotel only to learn no such vacancies were being offered by the hotel. He also verified from the British High Commission and was shocked to know he had been cheated.”


Ajayi Sunday Olufemi

I have never met a scammer named Ajayi Sunday Olufemi but I have met scammers with the names Ajayi, Sunday and Olufemi so this guy Ajayi Sunday Olufemi must be a perfect specimen for 419 analysis and I hope the police check his hard drive carefully