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I met a guy in net,he resides in malaysia but he is a nigerian,we were friends for 6 months and became lovers.After chatting for so long he invited me to go and visit him in malaysia and we lived together for 3 months.He introduced me to his work and friends. they taught me some works about scamming and i was so shocked to know what they were doing.But i pretended to be ok and i just followed the flow and I did all the work they asked me to do.They asked me to open accounts in different dating sites and job sites and the next thing is send people the scripts they gave me.They do different types of scamming.investing money,fraud checks,fake credit cards,romance scam,package scam,arrival scams,and they do collect big money.They can even do scam face to face. My conscience troubled me a lot because they don't care about the victims.They have no heart,They have no conscience.They collect big money from people striving hard for their lives.
It was then that I realized that me myself is a victim because I'm working with him for nothing.He just promised me his love and everything but how can I believe a professional scammer like him?..there was an incident that the maga (this is how they call the victim) committed suicide because of the big loss, and that was it.
I decided to leave him and go back to where i belong because my conscience cannot take it anymore...I know some of his friends doing cyber crimes too.I'm so amazed that they are living in Malaysia, moving free and living extravagantly without any jobs.I wish these guys to be in jail to stop victimizing people...
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