A.F.I. Poster Boy


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This is a trophy photo from a baiter somewhere (baiter unknown), who got this scammer to stand and take a picture with a silly sign. Scammers will actually do that, that's why this is called the Trophy Room. (Will pose for cash). I did a little editing on the sign, and I'd propose this scammer as the poster boy for AFI.

At this time, the scammer can't be named although this information is actually known. Maybe someday we'll be able to give him the full credit he deserves.


The Doctor

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I hope that someday we will know the baiter who got him to pose so we can give credit where it is due. And of course, I hope we can give credit to the scammer. Lots of it. Someday.


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@ daisyjovi,

welcome, and yes, we know all about him. Quark just did a little photo editing.