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I hate to make this a thread and make it a sticky but I can't figure else where to put it.

In the Russian Room there's a little news article about scammers in Йошкар-Олa or Ioshkar-Ola as it might be better transliterated. Anyway in that story is a series of pictures and I thought number 3 was interesting. This was pulled off the TV report, and it says Ioshkar-Ola up in the corner. The woman pictured is part of the scam gang.

My point here is: take a look at those sheer drapes and tell me if they don't look familiar. Or am I just imagining things?

Russian drapes.jpg

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Now I wonder why they don't use her photograph in their scams? :confused:

Top Gun

Let me out!

Yay, hang on I want to cancel my wu transfer!:rolleyes:

It just occurred to me that she may not be the girl of my dreams after all!:SuN045:


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take a look at those sheer drapes and tell me if they don't look familiar.
The sheers!

Forget the woman, she's just a typist.

Garreg Ddu

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I wish I could forget the woman, especially before I go to sleep tonight as the nightmares could be quite unpleasant...


Don't Knock the Lady...

Now I'm inspired. She's perfect as a foundation for a second female modality.

Too many lads turn into Romeo at the sight of my current female modality.

A little photoshop and the above posted honey will be ready to fly


Aside from that, let me know the answer to this Drape riddle.


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I think we found the source of those sheers.


Sheer photo opportunity in most cases . I have to admit to seeing thousands of photos from Russian with love , here is my opinion for what it's worth.
In most cases the photos are taken in Russian scams by people who build profiles ,they don't have to be expert photographers but they do need locations .
The girl has to be alone in shots in locations that can vary depending on the girl ,also the girl will be paid for 20 to 30 shots .
When the scripts are written that is a finished package.

It brings into question the extent of willing participants needed for photos but because of the state of Russian economy there are are thousands of girls who will do photos just like there are hundreds of girls who will speak on the phone acting as the girl in the photos.

Ask any girl if she want's her photo taken with no questions asked and the picture begins to develop, if you pardon my metaphor .
Russian house interiors styles have long curtains .Cuddly toys are also used in a great many photos with the girl because prior the the fall of the Soviet Union big fluffy toys were a luxury and difficult to obtain and cuddly toy photos show the girl to be cute and it helps her do something with her hands .


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sorry about that

you know, I started getting these emails from svetlana or whoever he/ she is and the only thing that I have to look forward to is the fact that Im not the only one that has dealt with this. I guess I should consider myself lucky, because she/ or they didn't get squat except an email address that goes no where.anyway heres the picture I got from it. dont it look perty



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Sorry folks...

But you're wrong about the drapes, the pattern doesn't match any of those in the Marina Babka thread...
As for the gorgeous "Babuschka" she may be the typist indeed, but I take it you will not get her on the phone imposting as Marina.

What else, I don't think any of the pictures in the Marina Babka thread is taken in a hotel room, the surroundings are a bit too "colourfull" in my opinion, but a standard 2-3 room flat on some "prospekt" in Russia might fit.
There are some pic's wich is clearly taken in a kitchen, and someone has been drinking tea from Marina's cup even before she were borne.

Russian electrical wiring may differ according to the area they were installed, but the black cable behind her back corresponds well with a standard 220V power-cord, indicating that some radio or other "light-duty" electrical apliance is used in the kitchen where she's sitting.

Someone lives in that apartment, but from what I see it's not Marina.

Oh, I'm a newbee by the way.

Greetings from Norway


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I am in communication with a young lady ( supposedly Russian), and supposedly living in Vladivostok, Russia.

She allegedly wants to come here to the USA. but, has insufficient funds for her "Trip" here.

She has sent me an Email photocopy of here ( alleged) Visa, and Passport.
What I need is for someone knowledgable about Russian Visas, and Passports to either confirm that these are Fake, or tell me IF they are real.

I will attempt to upload a copy of these items/documents for inspection soon.

Thanks for any assistance!


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Thank you for that!

Though I do still intend to post a copy of those "documents" which she has sent me for both evaluation, and of course Public-awareness...

Have a good one!