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Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2018
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Subject: It is for real

Attn: Sir,

My reason for contacting you is, I want you to stand as my partner in order to receive funds from me which we shall share as would be agreed

For the purposes of introduction; I am the Head of government department Audits here in South Africa that awards contracts .The funds in question accrued from foreign contracts executed and paid for by the department .The actual contract cost has been paid to the original contractor, leaving the over-invoiced amount unclaimed which is what we want to transfer.

Kindly send your response to me if you are ready, capable and willing to co-operate with me. Details on how to achieve success within a reasonable time period shall be unveiled if your response is yes. As you may know, my country is going through a rough time, the imbalances of the past is about being replaced with another imbalance (land Grab) Zimbabwe style, hence I need to take this opportunity.

A . Williams