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I got a fraud message today, it was only after a while I while I figured out that it must be fake. It was very believable because it was sent from an old friend's email address and "signed" in her name. I believe her user name and password must have been hacked somehow, maybe at an Internet café?!

The message goes:


I am in deeply in sorrow hurrying writing you this message as I don't, have comfortable time on the Computer here, so I have to brief you my present situation which requires your urgent response. I have a big problem now as an EMERGENCY just occurred. I had to travel to Madrid, Spain for a Summit, unfortunately I was robbed, all my luggage got stolen at the hotel, which have kept me restless, as I have been left alone without nothing, I mean nothing, Am now owing the hotel bills here moreover the Hotel's telephone lines got disconnected by the robbers during the incident and they are trying to get it fixed up. The only access I have is only emails at the Library and worst is my mobile phone doesn't work here. So i was thinking if you'd lend me the sum amount of 2500 Euros to settle my hotel bills and other things please. I'd pay you back as soon as i get back Home. I am so confused right now, you can have it sent directly to the Western union money Transfer Office that’s near the Hotel here. My passport is not with me, it is with the embassy for renewal, so I can’t get the Money on my name .But i have spoken with the Western union manager near the Hotel here and she has agreed to help me out. Please get back to me so I’d get the western union manager information’s.

Thank You So Much,

Ms ********* (Her real name was here)

De Master Yoda

Password stolen.

Welcome Joach, This is a scam that is going around at the moment, you can see an example here, an Australian lady lost money to this scam!

It is a safe bet to say that your friends computer security has been compromised! and she needs to check her security and run some anti-virus scans!
Please ask her to change her password as well and then change it again a little while later!
If she still has access to her email contacts, then she should advise them as soon as possible, and contact as many of her friends as she can to advise them about this scam and that she is ok!



Right...a weekly newsletter called Network World told the story last week of hackers using Windows Live, thru the back door to act as if they are a friend or an aquaintance that the person who receives, believes to be safe. Then they can hack in as well, stealing personal info, and writing personal scam letters such as the one you have received. I seriously suggest finding a site such as the one I mentioned above, to stay up on the types of scams that seem to be morfing almost daily. (In addition to what de Master Yoda says, above.) Sincerely...Ted.
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