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Return-Path: <nhdarbykss@outlook.com>
Received: from (EHLO alph734.prodigy.net) (
From: Abagael Koehn <nhdarbykss@outlook.com>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2018

Is not ....... is your passphrase? My name is Abagael.

I recorded your webcam showing your nasty sexual doings & video you watched with the help of my malware which was on the site you visited to watch the porn videos. In the tape you are appearing exciting.

My malware also sent me all of your FB & mail contacts along with the recording.

I will email your video to your friends unless you pay me $2000 via Bit coin within the next 36 hours to the below address:
Bit coin Address: 1QBMjJCZoqw8FExRm5xsr49zeLffxNJFDE
Please Copy-Paste the address because it is CasE SenSiTiVe.

Once money is received by me, I will destroy your video and every bit of details I have about you. If I don't receive the money, I will email your recording to every contact of yours. Think about about the awkwardness you will see. Do not forget should you be in an intimate relationship, just how this will affect?

Want proof? Reply "Yes", & I will send your recording to six of your e-mail contactsinstantly.

Best wishes
Abagael Koehn