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Subject: Supply offer 192.52.11
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2019

Dear Sir,

Compliments of the day.

I have the mandate of THE MINISTRY OF ENDOWMENT AND ISLAMIC AFFAIRS QATAR to write and inquire about your Products for a possible government procurement contract. I'm a registered agent of the Ministry and operates as contract negotiator and facilitator.

My commission in every successful contract awarded through my recommendation is 5% of the total invoice value.

My commission is payable after the contract has been consummated and the seller receives due amount in his /her account.

Your products is of of interest to the ministry and would like to know if you will be interested to participate in the tender. A comprehensive details on the procedures will be provided on hearing from you.

Looking forward to working with you. Email; info.abdulrafiqmusau@gmail.com

Best regards,
Abdul Musau.


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Email; info.abdulrafiqmusau@gmail.com