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Welcome to our romance forum.
Of all the scams on the internet at the moment, one of the cruelest is the "romance" or "love" scam.

Not only are the innocent scammed out of their money, but are also many times left heartbroken, when their "mr right" or the new "love" of their life turns out to be a scammer, who is only after the money! and has no feelings or regrets for any harm or damage he/she causes.

This can have devastating effects! and can take a long time to get over.

We have a lot of experience of this type of scam between us, and can help.
If you, or any one you know, has been involved with this type of scam, please feel free to either post on here, or send a pm to any mod or admin, and we will do our best to assist.
Any thing sent by pm will remain confidential, so you can ask in complete confidence.
Please rest assured that you are NOT ALONE and have many friends here, who will do their best to help you through this difficult time.
Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have. Thank you.
"De Master Yoda"

De Master Yoda

Signs that you are being scammed

Hi, here are some signs to look out for, that could indicate you are being scammed.
1-the scammer professes his/her love for you too quickly.
We all have a need to be loved! but a declaration of love over the internet after just a few "chats" ?

2-Hearing a lot of the words that we want to hear, like "you are "beautiful"/"desirable" " I cannot live without you" etc.
The scammers are very good at building a dream state in our mind by feeding the natural desires for a "special" friend. and making us feel all warm and fuzzy, and that the person of our dreams has appeared at last.

And especially for you ladies, ask yourself this- how many men reveal themselves by using these types of words, even after a long time, never mind after such a short time? very few.

3-The scammer sends you a picture of themselves that you think could have come out of a modeling studio. In most cases it did!
Most people are of a natural appearance and would not usually fall into a "model" category.
If this picture was really of the scammer, I would think that he/she would not be looking for people on the internet as they would have people waiting in line for them.
This is not to say that good looking people are not available on the internet, just that the chance of you or me getting a "super" "doll' or "hunk"
Quite by chance who seems to be madly in love with us after only a few messages are not really high.

4-And here is the classic tip that it is a scam - They will ask for money!! or to change a cheque for them (stolen or forged) Great danger here!!! if you try and cash the cheque! you could be arrested for passing a bad cheque.

They will use many different means to get us to send money, from asking for air fares, being robbed or mugged, medical emergency's, to asking for money for a B T A =a basic travel allowance, they will say that the customs or immigration wants them to show money, as proof that they will be able to support themselves in your country. In most cases this is not needed at all, but is just another way of getting money out of you.
These are just a few of the methods used by "romance" scammers and should give you food for thought.

ANY request for money for whatever reason should always be looked upon as a scam.

It is very unlikely that a genuine "friend" would ask you for money !! this is the ONLY reason the scammers have any interest in you.
If you have any doubts at all, or recognize any of these signs from a person with whom you are in contact over the internet, then please ask and we will do our best to assist you! We are here to help. Thank you " De Master Yoda"


I know a woman like that now. Her name is Edith Menye, she is from Accra, Ghana. We have been talking for a few weeks and everytime we talk she tell me, "How much she needs me," "How much she loves me," and everything. Makes me feel good to be a man. Well we talked about things we had in common and she seemed like my dream girl, I even called her my angel. Well soon she told me that her internet was going to get turned off and she needed money to help pay it. I said ok I am a nice guy I was going to pay it. I sent $150.00 for the internet bill.

Shortly after that she told me her birthday was coming up and she wanted gifts. So I sent a birthday card, mp3 player, Alicia Keys Cd, and a webcam cause I wanted to see her. Well she tells me the webca won't work. i am thining like so I can't see who I am talking to, damn thats fucked up. So I said forget it. She said she wanted to be with m and talked about getting a passport to come see me.

Well to make a long story short we got engaged and she said it'll cost $350.00 for the visa, so I sent it. Now today she saying that the famuly Lawyer needs to file a swearing affidavut and a marriage document so that she may come as my wife, even had a man by the name of Barrister Eghan, from Barrister at Law who claims tobe her father's best friend to file if I paid for the documents. the documents cost another $450.00 ad they said they needed it by next Friday. Iam like damn almost $1,000.00 on a woman I never even see not even through a webcam.

the emails she sends me are so romantic and brings tears to my eyes like damn this girl is deep, but her pictures are unbelievable. like a woman straight out of the magazine and she sent tons, sexual, and explicit. I have fallen in love with this woman and I don'tkow what I would do or say to her if she was scamming me.I need your help before I make a terrible mistake and ass out of myself.

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You probably have an email.


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I too have been scammed by a man working in Accra Ghana, very romantic, said all the right things....until he asked for my banking information...that's when I started asking questions, thank goodness I got out before too much damage was done. If it sounds too good to be true.....it is!


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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP18wjqD6pI&feature=related"]YouTube- Romance Scams - Date With Deceit[/ame]


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Harris Wood (last scam encounter)

i think now they don't use gorgeous pictures, the guy who tried to scam me last year was an ordinary looking guy, not too handsome but not too ugly looking either, he sounded so sweet, so sincere, thankfully i'm not falling in love with him, since i was already dating a married man, so i thought this guy can make me forget about this married man and somehow can make me happy, then after few weeks emailing me, he asks for money to celebrate his daughter's birthday, i say whaaaaaaaaaat, heck no i'm giving money to a man i never met or even talked in person, so i ended it, he didn't take it very nicely, so i blocked his email address, that ends it.

then come a second guy who tried to scam me, he PM me through my facebook account, he looks sweet, so i reply his message, i'm really suspicious actually, since his facebook account has no friends in it, but i thought maybe he just made it to meet woman, so i keep replying his messages, replying his sweet words, he was so attentive and everything u wish your man to be. then after a month communicating through facebook, he said he wanted to come to my country before his work placement in brunei, i said okay, come then. i was thinking of picking him up at the airport, good thing my boss didnt give me permission to have a day off that day. then around noon, this woman with malaysian accent called me and asked me about my relationship with harris, i told her that i'm his friend then she said that harris has 100.000 USD (or around that much) in his possession, and he's not allowed to leave Malaysia with that much money, so i have to pay for the fine in order for him to leave Malaysia and come to my country. i was asked to transfer the amount of 1000 USD, i almost choked with rage, not another one i thought angrily to myself, when i said no, this woman started to scold me and said that poor harris to have such a friend like me, who doesn't care about him, i said, why should i give shit about him when he gives me trouble like this. then we got disconnected and she called again and again, i keep telling her no, then harris called, pleaded me to send him any amount of money, i told him to go to his embassy, he said he cant do that since he was supposed to go directly to brunei not make a sidetrip to my country, when i still telling him no, he got nasty and told me that he come all the way just to see me, i shouted to him, who asked u to come, u wanted to come here yourself, i never invited u. good thing the phone connection is terrible, so we got disconnected again, and he didn't call again. i didn't fall in love with him, its just that i wish for once, that this guy is for real, so no heart is breaking, only crushed dream :p

there my story, i forgot the first one, until now i've been romance scammed 3 times, what a dimwit *smacking own head* :p
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