Abramoff charged with another illegal scheme

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Jack Abramoff, The Face Of Corrupt Lobbying, Charged In Yet Another Lobbying Scheme

Jack Abramoff, The Face Of Corrupt Lobbying, Charged In Yet Another Lobbying Scheme

One of the world’s most infamous corrupt lobbyists was charged in yet another corrupt lobbying scheme.

By Ryan J. Reilly

Jack Abramoff, perhaps the most infamous lobbyist in the world and one of the faces of George W. Bush-era corruption, is facing new federal charges in connection with a lobbying and wire fraud scheme involving a new cryptocurrency called AML Bitcoin.

Abramoff was charged by criminal information in connection with the indictment of Rowland Marcus Andrade. As part of the scheme, according to federal prosecutors, Andrade claimed they had technology that “would allow the AML Bitcoin cryptocurrency to comply with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer laws and regulations.”

A Justice Department press release said that Abramoff “has filed a stipulated notice of an intent to change plea pursuant to a plea agreement,” signaling that Abramoff will likely plead guilty in the case.

The criminal information claimed that Abramoff “made false and misleading statements to an undercover agent posing as a potential large purchaser of AML Bitcoin.” The feds allege he also worked for a California company in the marijuana industry but never registered as a lobbyist.

An undercover FBI agent posing as a businessman met with Abramoff in April 2017, and entered into a lobbying agreement months later. After setting up the agreement, Abramoff reportedly had contacts with a member of Congress and “raised topics related to the legislative goals discussed with the undercover agent, including during a meeting that included the member of Congress in or about July 2018.”