Adamu Bello, Shell Petroleum Corp.


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I found this website by googling the fellows name so I am quite sure it is a scam, just wanted to show this to everybody.

The man I found on this site is Fem Sumonu, the one I could not find is Adamu Bello. Hope that you enjoy the email, and thank you for looking at it.


Of the one, most suitable for you to receive the parcel. The parcel shall be delivered to the address stated on your verification and funds release form produced by you to Mrs. Wama Carlito. If you wish to receive the parcel in an alternative address, kindly inform me under 24hrs.

Like you have already been informed, the donation money is powered by the FUNDACION German Sanchez Ruiperez petroleum investment account. The CHEQUE is an OPEC gratitude account CHEQUE. There are a host of international laws backing the clearance of the donation CHEQUE, bearing the fact that it’s a huge petroleum CHEQUE, to be assumed by a foreign individual/cooperate body. These laws will almost disable the cashing of the donation CHEQUE, by recipient.

Further verification and cashing of the CHEQUE will result, only if concrete procedures are followed as outlaid by the international laws. It will not be in the best interest of the International Monetary community to oversee the cashing of foreign CHEQUE illegitimately. Following below, you will be introduced to the appropriate method of receiving and cashing the donation CHEQUE. The below proceedings must be adopted as the SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY will not dispatch the donation parcel, without adherence to the appropriate and legitimate means of dispatch, bearing in mind the content of the parcel.

To cash this CHEQUE in your local bank, a Petroleum Return CHEQUE advice (RCA) has been drafted by the Central bank and included in the parcel. Adhering to international monetary laws, you will be unable to cash the CHEQUE without the RCA. All banks can only attain success in this diplomatic cashing procedure only when my office has fully documented the RCA for dispatch.

Furthermore, parcels containing RCAs must contain recipients petroleum CHEQUE receipt Insurance. a petroleum Insurance Certificate officially certifies this insurance. Custom and revenue verification of parcel containing RCA before it passes to recipient’s country must attain clearance of petroleum CHEQUE receipt Insurance number. (Presence of the recipients petroleum insurance certificate, be it Photostat or original). This is in accordance to section 15(1) (N) of the international monetary act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 24th may 1996 by the international organization's constitutional assembly. Additionally attached to this email, is a scanned copy of a donation recipient's OPEC Insurance certificate. The scanned copy will serve as an example of what is required of you. The OPEC is in charge of the petroleum Insurance certificate. Only registered OPEC attorneys are in charge registration and certification of the petroleum CHEQUE receipt Insurance. BARR. FEM SUMONU is the Nigerian Attorney to OPEC. Note: only OPEC Member countries have legal attorneys to OPEC.

You are to establish communications with Barr. Fem Sumonu immediately via email He can be reached by email at [] on receipt of your email Barr. Sumonu will immediately process the registration and certification of the CHEQUE receipt insurance. This process will take less than 2hrs. The Original copy will then be forwarded to the SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY office to immediately facilitate the dispatch of the parcel the same day. Be informed that Barr. Fem Sumonu has been informed to anticipate your contact. He shall be charging you for his services. Payments for the attorney services should be made on the attorney’s terms. My office will not be liable to attorney charges, as the petroleum insurance is an individual privilege. Furthermore, on your contact with the barrister, you are to request his identification, so that you have full proof of who you are corresponding with. Failure to produce identity by the barrister should be reported to my office, for appropriate actions.

In the interim of your contact with, Barr. Sumonu, you are to send my office, your preferred courier service to deliver the parcel to your address. This will enable us facilitate payments of the courier charges to the company, as we await the Insurance certificate.

Do have a nice day.