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Hello I must tell my story. I was scammed by the scammer ADRIAN BUZAN who is in Romania

He says on his websites his systems is mathematically guaranteed 100% to win. He show lots of photos of things like cars and him in jewellery and nice clothes. Now I know is all a trick to scam people.

I did not think that the money he showed was fake because there is lot of it but now I know you can buy fake money in piles from websites that sell things to make movies with. Like you can buy €1 million pile of cash for about € 2000 and it looks totally real. He shows photos that make him look really rich

He has lots of youtube videos to make him sound like a professional but it is full of lies. I pay him money for system that should win 100% of time but it lose. I lost lot of money and he give an option that he play on my online casino account. I find people who did that and then they lose and they must pay for the loss and never get refund.

You can have € 1000 in your account and if he win he take big part. If you lose then you pay the loss of whole amount. Then this he can never lose.

It sound good that he show you and help you to win but it is all complete lie.

Now I know more about this man I am telling everyone

He is not a millionaire. He use fake money cash he buy from websites to scam people and make himself look rich.

He lives in a small apartment in very cheap area of Romania.

I speak with other people who aslo got scammed and the system they got told by him but different but for sure same guy same websites. The system not work in both case.

Now later I find even more people got scammed and he threaten them.

The worst is another man in romania who ADRIAN BUZAN stabbed and nearly killed. It is all in Romania news story site but in romania language so you need translate

You can find it in google if to search for

Dramă ”regală”: Gabriel Vizitiu, „Regele reciclabilelor” înjunghiat cu un cuţit de bucătărie de Armand Buzan, „Regele ruletei”!

People that scammed he said them that man he stabbed wanted to force him to play roulette for him because he is expert. This is huge lie because it says in the news site that the man visited ADRIAN BUZAN in his cheap apartment to get a refund for the roulette system that did not work for 6 months

He did not give the refund and stabbed the man in the neck. Then when he in hospital ADRIAN BUZAN sent his victim a phone sms message threat to never talk to the police or he will shot and kill him.

This is very dangerous sick man. Do not try to visit him or he can kill you. He is no millionaire. He is just another low scammer. You must go to romania police.

This information was all on forum but scammer threaten web admin so it was moved to different site.

Here is one with screen images of the forum

Please let me tell more about this dangerous man. He must be put in jail before he get more victims or kill someone when they ask for refund

I am finding more people he scam but he threaten the web admins to remove bad information.

Here is list of the scam websites and name he uses

Regel Ruleti
Regel Ruleti


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I have been also scammed by Adrian Buzan, same guy from Romania.

He has been threatening me so I dont talk and complain. The reason this scam has been around so loing is because of the threats he makes to the website owners and complaint forums around the world.

Two websites he had shut down are some roulette forums where many complaints about the scam had come to be seen. I will give more detail of what happened with me and I pray the Adrian Buzan Scam stays on this website and the website administrator does not give into threats.


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Mostly adrian advertises his scam on youtube but he has had about 7 of his channels shut down. He keeps making new ones to get new victims so if you see his channels with the same videos again just report him.

Some of his closed down youtube accounts are............

There are some reports on and other websites now been censored because of complaints. I dont know if he succeeds in getting those website complaints shut down also.

On one of the gambling forums there are 6 people now complaining on the site, and also to the police in Romania.

The roulette syllabus scam is the cheaper program. It is software where you input the winning numbers and it is supposed to give you new numbers to bet. It doesnt work at all. You can win for a small time because you are supposed to make larger bets and then start again if you increase your bankrol. It can work for a bit but is not a new tactic and eventually the numbers dont come and you lose everything.

The dvd anatomy of roulette are not dvds. They are videos you download, about 10 of them and they show some winning games with people he says are his students. When you play exactly the same way I guarantee you eventually lose like I did. I tested must have been about 10,000 spins seriously and did everything perfect like in instruction.

I complain and explain to Adrian Buzan the system is not working and I asked for a refund. He said no refunds because he knows his system works and that I am a loser because I am not using the system right. He started to insult me and threaten. He said in a video that he will cut hands of anyone that speak badly about him.

I cannot afford to lose the money I paid him. My wife is very angry at me. It is causing big troubles in my house with my wife and family.

But I am also afraid that Adrian is going to hurt me and my family if I complain so I explained everything to the police.

I dont think the police in romania really care. There are to many scams around for them to arrest everyone.

To sum everything this Adrian Buzan Scam is the biggest most defiant scam I have ever come to know. The scammer is very violent and now everyone knows not to come to his apartment to ask for refund because he already tried to kill a customer. Please everyone help us report this scammer to put pressure on the police in romania you can report him at


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This scam is reported before but this is my own thread to explain more. Also so you can find my reports you can search for the web address in thread title. There are other websites to this scam like and

This scam has been on the internet for I think about 10 years. There are many different parts to it and mostly he advertises on youtube but he has constantly had his channels terminated for serious violations.

The only way this scam is around for so long is because he posts massive amounts of pages to try and hide complaints. He is also constantly harassing and threatening the website administrators with violence. Two sites he shut down in past week are and roulettelife.clom but we are now reporting at many other websites including

So the reason the scam can exist so long is because of this but look around and there are complaints everywhere.

Some of the victims are so frustrated the police not doing anything yet that they are sending around all material from the scam to protect people. This including the DVD anatomy of roulette free download and roulette syllabus software download. They are big part of his scam and for now plus these complaints is the only way to protect people from becoming victims to.

I am sure many members here got scammed from other scams but this is a really bad scam been around for long time and we appreciate all the help everyone can give. This is a great website but can anyone suggest other similar good sites to report this scam?

Again the websites of this scam are and and and and the romanian website Most of it is in English but some Romanian text.


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Adrian to defend himself says everyone complaining is just obsessed idiots. He is not letting us complain and is making threats of violence against us.

His system doesnt work. It is 100% sure a scam. I just want my money back! We really need to tell more people about this.

The system loses which is not my fault. I did everything perfectly correct in the instructions. It is really easy to learn the system. The system is a losing one because it is just a scam system. I explained before I test around 10,000 spins and lose. Adrian insulted me and called me a loser that makes mistakes.

I am not an idiot I know when I have been scammed. I made the mistake of trust only now me and my whole family pay for it. I hope I can at least help other people that see this.

A warning to the admin here, Adrian Buzan scammer also make fake dmca complaints to bring down websites. So I am not posting anything to give him any chance to do that. I try to post proof I have his full roulette system scam and he use dmca to get everything removed including complaints.

Adrian Buzan

common man are the same person don't be hilarious and by the way....if I was scammed you send here a script a bill from the bank how did you send me 5000eur or something......don't be idiot .if you were scammed by me by 5000euro right now you were in Romania to my house kicking my ass for that amount sad that people like you make such fabrications and remember roulettesyllabus is not my website.....the videos you show is not my DVD500OEUR because my DVD is 30GB of information, not 6 videos you posted on your website