Agents from Benin, Republic of Africa


Byron m harlow

Hello my communication with agents from bebin republic of Africa and wherever this information is coming from to my emails and now cell phone text sms messages and calling me to inform me of in various forms of total funds owed and of verious fee amounts for the transfer of consignment box or ATM card or money gram or western union daily withdrawals of 5000.00 U.S. all saying that they are to be payed before i am to receive any funds i always have a problem with this avenue of communication because its never in my best interest as per my discretion of the ways in witch to conform and exchange in compliance in the order or direction to complete stipulations in the transfer of funds or this accountability and actions forthcoming or the validity of allegations or information bestowed upon me without explaining to me the who when where why and a congratulations Mr Harlow sir.that would be a good way to communicate with me and offer some options as to how i can more easily conform to any protocol or guidelines for me to collect .
It would seem weirdly difficult to me that someone with knowledge of this guage and type should make it so very problematic in the delivery process for the beneficiary and the courier or agent in the proceedings from the over analysis of ways to communicate and complete transfer of funds in the best way for the beneficiary to witch you have the power in every aspect of these costly arrangements to benefit the courier is silly .so im saying why is it so hard to just deliver to me in hand face to face like the right way to do business of this caliber .