AKG Mega Mart (USA) Inc, ( Ranjit Singh )


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The company name is AKG Mega Mart (USA) Inc, based in Houston, Texas, Usa.

The cheater supposed name 'Ranjit Singh' proposed through MSN to sell me cpu at lowest price.

I sent him payement of 20500.00$ by Wired transfert on 11/17/2008.

Till now I did not receive cpu nor recover my money. He told me many times that cpu is shipped out but in reality he was lying and even gave me a fake fedex T/N : 865093697094.

At last (since 12/01/08) he told me he is going to India because his brother is shooted in a terrorist attack in mumbai and he will be back on 12/18/08, then he disappeared.

I called him many and many times but their phones ring no answering or vocal message.

I sent him many mails he always answer that money is safe give me your bank details I will refund your money back, give me your phone number I will call you, but effectively he did not do anything unless promise.

From 12/12/08 date of my last sent mail to him where I threatened to disclose him where I can he did not replied and disappeared completely.

I saved the correspondence mails, bank receipt voucher, history of discussions through MSN and trade manager, proforma invoice, Purchase order …etc. for further references.

Don't trust TRUST PASS or ACP Verified this company has many :




Last Information that I got the owner of this company appears to be selling his house.

Any help or advice are welcome.