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Subject: I NEED HELP

My name is Akin Philips and am 17yrs of age, am in my Second year in the university studying Medicine. My father died a year ago and left a lot of investments behind without a will as his death came suddenly. Being the only son of my father I am suppose to inherit everything my father left behind but my uncles would not allow that to happen as they have taken over all the companies telling me I should face my studies and after I finish my university I get everything back but I know that is a big lie as they have changed most of the ownership to their names.
Before my father died, he gave me a certificate of deposit that he lodged $5million(FIVE MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) in a Security Finance Company that the money is mine. Now I am afraid that my uncles will get to know about this money someday and take it from me hence I seek your assistance to help me take custody of this fund and invest it in a viable business in your country pending when I finish my schooling to join you in your country.
Please if you are willing to assist me let me know so that I can give you the modalities.
I expect your urgent reply.