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I was send this email 3.10.2009 looks like a scam please advise?

Job Vacancy.‏
From: Digicon Exploration Drilling. (
Sent: 03 October 2009 12.10.09 PM

Your wealth of experience cannot be written off either, however you are needed to fill in a position that will meet your capacities,competencies, academic qualification and experience in the Digicon Exploration Drilling Ltd. Nigeria.

This project will last for a duration of 14years. A strip of offshore and onshore for the purpose of laying 10\\\" diameter high pressure pipeline from a point \\\"P1.O\\\" at Korun Nad well head E1 to a point P1 END\\\"At the Central Processing Facility (CPF),Digicon Exploration Drilling Ltd. Intend to invite prime experienced individuals / expatriates capable of rendering expertise services in fields below /apply for any job position:

Assistant Driller
Petroleum Engineers
Tool Pusher
Assistant Electrician
Civil Engineers
Assistant Mechanic
Project Managers
International Executive chief
Accountants / Office Administrative positions

Entitlement, Compensation and Benefits packages include 28 work and 28 days pay leave days pay leave. with passage to the point of origin for employee, his /her spouse and 3 Dependant children.
Free married accommodation, plus on prompt payment of furniture allowance.

Educational assistance for 3 Dependant children. The company provides free medical care at its staff clinic and also provides an adequate assurance of life, accident, illness and medical expenses.

Free interest car loan. Payment of initial personal and house hold effects. Full recreational facilities of employee premises plus membership in end of service benefits.

REQUIREMENTS: All engineering fields (Candidates must have good interpersonal skills)

COMMENCEMENT: Immediately.
EXPECTED SALARY: 7,000,00 to 65,000,00 United States Dollars.
CONTRACT DURATION: Level 1: 36 Months (Three years) and renewable only on satisfactory performance by employee.

Level 2: Full time Interested candidates must have not less than 6 years experience in any of the above listed fields. Interested candidates should forward their resumes / CV with verifiable reference(s) in word format attached document to:

On notice of intent, you are expected to forward to this office your application and CV / Resume, so that we can start the process for the engagement of your services.

Further more. I wish to reiterate that only qualified applicants will be short listed and contacted for appointment with Project.

Albert Smith
Tel: +234-803-377-0205

Digicon Exploration Drilling Ltd (Questionnaire)‏.‏
From: Digicon Exploration Drilling Ltd . (
Sent: 03 October 2009 05:08:01 PM

Attention: Employee,

Following the indication of your interest to work with Digicon Exploration Drilling Ltd Nigeria, we acknowledged the receipt of your mail attached resume (CV) that was forwarded to our company with Digicon Exploration Drilling Ltd. Due to the urgent need fill below information very well and kindly contact us back if you are comfortable with the Duration, Work Site and Date mentioned below and also be aware that your response is very important.

1. What motivates you to put forth your greatest effort? Describe a
2. How do you think a friend or professor who knows you well would describe you?
3. Briefly describe your ideal job.
4. How do y ou determine or evaluate success?
5. In what ways do you think you can make a contribution to our
6. Was there an occasion when you disagreed with a supervisor's decision or company policy? Describe how you handled the situation.
7. What criteria are you using to evaluate the organization for which you hope to work?
8. Why should we hire you over the others waiting to be interviewed?
9. How long can you work with our company?
10. What three Specific Job Positions do you target from our company?
11. What is your Future Plans for Our Company if Permanently Employed?
12. Give us details of your present Employment Status
13. Give us your full details on the Following; Full Name, Permanent Mailing Address, Office/Work
14. Status: Married Single
15. What is your Country of Nationality? Is it different from your present location?
16. How soon can you relocate?
17. If married, do you intend to relocate with your family?
18. If yes how many?
19. Salary Expected Per Month (In United States Dollars)

Digicon Exploration Drilling Ltd reserves the right to inv estigate on all information's and details given. Falsification of documents, incomplete data an d or in-correct information's is ground for denial, refusal or termination of employment.

Please note, there might not be any verbal Interview as this may serve as the final assessment based on the acclaimed qualifications and position on your resume.

I................declare sincerely and conscientiously that information provided on this Online brief interview is correct.

For urgent attention contact: +234-803-377-0205

Albert Smith
Tel: +234-803-377-0205

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Got the same message as everyone else from Digicon Exploration Drilling in Nigeria from Albert Smith, HR. Before doing anything...I searched the company name and found this sight. I have to laugh. I cannot count the number of times we receive scam emails. We have even gotten the scams about cashing cashier's checks, etc. If people thing something is too good to be it is. As one scammer told me when I ordered a trail; yet, I got sucked into a whole lot more...NOTHING IS FOR FREE! Same as this...ANYTHING THAT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE...IT IS NOT TRUE! And NEVER, EVER, EVER give anyone your social, personal information or credit card info. Like most Americans, we have had to buckle down, cut the credit cards and spend less. The only credit card most people have now are their bank debit/credit card...which is attached to your personal account, savings account and over limit account. Companies can rip you off for everything you have and there is nothing you can do about it. If you order one of the credit cards you add money to....that way...YOUR in control. Otherwise, you can lose everything you worked for all your life!
Peace out!


May be some cheating

I also get the same letter..............I have search the company name but i did't find the company profile.....I search with the phone no i got the some fake messeage inticating this no for example some times we get the messeage that u are a winner of a online lottery from british charity councle in that messeage also showing the same telephone no so please ignore the messeage