Alberta: Catharine Danielle Bozsa

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Catharine Danielle Bozsa.

Daryl Slade, Calgary Herald
Published: Saturday, September 13, 2008

A city woman sobbed upon learning she'll spend 18 months in jail for defrauding dozens of clients of more than $72,000 in upfront fees on bogus high-risk, last-resort loans.

Catharine Danielle Bozsa, through her four companies, targeted vulnerable victims "already under considerable stress as they had already been rejected for loans by standard lending institutions

. . . ," provincial court Judge Heather Lamoureux said in a judgment released Friday.

"The facts of this particular case, including the serious impact of these crimes upon the multiple disadvantaged victims, leads the court to conclude that a sentence on imprisonment must be imposed," said Lamoureux.

"Essentially the Crown (Chris Lee) says that the accused and the various corporations were 'trolling for victims,' seeking those who were financially disadvantaged."

Bozsa, 32, also will be on probation for two years after serving her time and must repay the money at $700 a month.

Bozsa wept in the prisoner's box throughout the hearing, but was especially distraught after the judge announced that she would be incarcerated.

More than half of the 44 victims described in victim impact statements how Bozsa's actions have further strained or ended their marriages, destroyed their businesses, lost trust in their fellow man and caused depression and other physical and mental problems.

Michelle Simpson

You should remove this article. I know this person, and yes, she made some serious mistakes, but she has served her time, and 10 years have passed. She is now living a quiet life with her and her little boy as a single mommy. She Has a full time job, went back to school, and turned her life around. Enough with this article, it's in the past.

Darren P

I was scammed by her and Mohamed Sankoh back in the 90s. Never got my money back :-(


Staff member
She needs to check with a lawyer in Canada. It might be possible to expunge the record but that is a court procedure.

Catharine Bozsa

Hello I just came across this article not too long ago and I am the real Catharine. Is there any way that you can remove this?


Staff member
I thought that was the one complementary thing about you in the thread. Anyway it's gone now and just a suggestion: don't even breathe a lawyer threat around here because there are a lot of them around.