Alert: Active Bitcoin Scam Escalates.

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Alert: Active Bitcoin Scam Escalates. How to Recognize It and Avoid Infection

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A new scamming website is trying to convince you that with no effort you could make a lot of money in a short amount of time by using Bitcoin. All you have to do, according to is to register and provide personal information. Afterward, you might be asked to provide credit card details and deposit real money. Beware that you can lose your money or your credit card could be emptied. Learn more about the scam and how to stay safe here >>
This article will aid you to remove completely. Follow the removal instructions for the adware given below. is a scam website that pushes various advertisements and redirects. The website is considered adware, and also could have an extension and add-on related to it. The supposed company of the website is called Bitcoin Code. The scam usually displays advertisements like pop-up boxes, but banners and other types of ads may be used to spread the scam.