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Date: Sun, 23 May 2021
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My name is Alex K Lewis. My profession is freelance consultant and payroll officer, I have been doing this for 10 years,but Now i think i need assistant who will be helping me with this payroll work, because the job take most of my time and i think i need to spend little time with my children and wife, that is why i need assistant.

This work is very easy and no experience needed

I will be paying you $2000 monthly salary by working from your home.

Job Description:
I use to get contract from company and they ask me to send payroll check to their (Customer)(Client)(Workers), So you will be responsible for that, you will be mailing the check out to those client via USPS, You will be doing this job in your home and it doesn't require any specific time, you can work any time you like in a day, you can also do this at night and send them out next morning if you are busy during the day.

Before you start this job, you will need to get supplies needed, you are going to use the materials to start your job and you we will be reimbursed for supplies expenses with your payment.
You need to have the below materials:

1. Personal Computer and Printer
2 Order Docugard check online at Or Buy Versa Business size Check Paper (Form 3000 or Form 1000) at Staples
3.Buy 6/9 brown envelopes.
4, Then glue and copier paper

NOTE: We responsible for the postages and Every supplies you buy would be reimbursed along with your first salary.

Email me ; or text 7736666294 me to start asap.
Get back to me with your mobile phone number asap

Alex .K. Lewis