Alexander Lobonich, Quick Delivery Abroad Inc.


Brian M. Rogers


Quick Delivery Abroad inc head office is based in Lithuania. Our clients purchase, sell or exchange different types of goods worldwide. The major part of our activity is electronic equipment. We offer you a drop shipping courier position which consists of receiving, combining, repackaging and shipping parcels purchased in United States by our customers. The main reason of that activity is to purchase a cheaper merchandise for an overseas customer which does not have international shipping option at the store it is sold at. You will be provided with all the needed instructions and materials timely by your coordinators. There are no out of pocket expenses. The position is remote and flexible and can be the second additional job for you. Your minimal monthly salary is $1800.00 and also there is a bonus of 30 dollars for each timely sent out package.
Please, explore the job offer attached to this letter.
If you have any questions concerning this email, the employment offer or you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We are glad that you have been interested in our offer and looking forward to establish business relationships with you.
In case you are interested in the job we offer and ready for the cooperation, we will sign up the employment agreement and begin to work.

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Lobonich ,
Quick Delivery Abroad inc company manager

Gary Basom

I just feel for this crap. I received, inspected, and repackaged parcels for about a month. When it was time to pay me my 2040.00, my online account was closed and I have heard nothing from them since. Anyone know of anything I can do about this?

Sapphire's Strike

Staff member
@ Gary Basom - You can file a report with law enforcers, taking all evidence with you. It is doubtful you will receive any salary which you earned.