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Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2018

Dear Partner,

It is my modest obligation to write you this letter as regards the Authorization of your owed payment through our most respected financial institution (Bank of Spain). I am Mr. Alexis Mata, TRANSFER INSPECTION OFFICER, foreign operations Department Bank of Spain,I am the present branch Manager in one of the Bank here in Spain I write to solicit for your partnership in claiming of US $26.7 Million us from an account at our Head Office. We have been instructed by the world governing body together with the committee on international debt reconciliation department to release your overdue funds with immediate effect

Furthermore, as a Manager in the bank, I am not allowed to be part of such a deal, because it's against my company's professional practice policy. So I am compelled to ask that you stand on my behalf and receive this fund into any account that is solely controlled by you. I will compensate you with 40% of the total amount involved as gratification for being my partner in the transfer.

Fill The Below:
1) Your Full Name:
2) Your Full Address:
3) Your Contact Telephone and Fax No:
4) Your Profession, Age and Marital Status:
5) Any Valid Form of Your Identification/Driver's License:
6) Occupation:

As soon as we receive the above mentioned information, your payment will be processed and released to you without any further delay. This notification email should be your confidential property to avoid impersonators claiming your fund. You are required to provide the above information for your transfer to take place through Bank to Bank Transfer directly from Bank of Spain,I strongly advice that you communicate with me My Private Email:

We Look Forward To Serving You Better.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Alexis Mata
Bank of Spain