Aliana, Azerbaijan

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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2018
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I shall write to you this words. Had some doubts, and even now as may be you have another woman?. But nonetheless I decided. I made it and have a smile. You can see and read about me some. And if you'll have an interest in woman. And If you are alone and handsome man, and you looks for a woman who rescue you from the horror of loneliness and hope I am not mistaken and also look for half in life who will rescue me from same. I still believe in love which could make us stronger or contrariwise, but from other love is just the best feeling that people can feel. I am candid, I like to live, people, nature. And also I'm positive woman and in life at all. For me most important to make a right choice. I do not like any games. It's impossible to play upon heartstrings. As for me also, my name is Aliana, I was born and living in Azerbaijan and this is my country. I've a work and do many sport. I desire to send you my pics now. Will hope to have and see reciprocity and fotos