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From:, Benin, Cotonou, Office Des Poste Et Telecommunications Aka Benin Telecoms Sa
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Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019
From: Mlle ALICE DALAS <>
Subject: Salutations !!!

Hello to you
Hi dear friend, do not be surprised to receive my message, as you know
the internet these days is a very effective way of communicating with
the outside world and also a tool can be dangerous. If today my message
of correspondence is addressed to you it is by searching on Internet
sites that I obtained your E-mail and it is because I wanted to have
more relation for the exchanges of idea, to discuss, to talk with you,
etc. Thank you in advance, my name is ALICE DALAS Belgian (Brussels) of
nationality, 30 years old single without children. Never think that I
will be jealous if you tell me that you are married because jealousy is
not my fate but rather a very sincere and fruitful friendship.
Furthermore ; recognize that love or friendship does not need age or
money. Friendship is a specific and very important link or relationship
that I do not like to break, and I would like that relationship to
reign between us. I am glad to meet you because for me friendship is
something sacred. I can not finish without remembering that my motto is
mutual respect and especially trust. Glad to read you back. /.
- Hospital Administrator
- Manager in Business and Organization Management
- Project Manager and Publication in A.C.D.M in Canada
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