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Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2015
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*Introducing our company*
The company was created in 2008 to provide logistics processes. Since then, our company has developed into a leading corporation, arranging freight for small, medium and large size businesses.

Today we support a full range of services created in accordance to the individual needs of our customers through our offices and trusted agents in different countries.

It is developing, implementing, carrying out and controlling the efficiency of adequate prices for the amount of raw materials, finished goods and related information from the original supplier to the point of consumption for the purpose fulfill the needs.

The logistics company always offers different decisions for the customers by offering them decisions that will have greater results, profit and success that they may have first imagined compared to the original expectations.

Your resume sent to us is submitted. Our company is currently hiring and seeking more employees for now open vacancy as a Shipping clerk that satisfy the following requirements:

- Accepting packages at Your much preferred location and reviewing its quality;
- Updating a supervisor with the number of goods;
- Shipping them out to the customers;
- Verifying upon the scheduled list;
- Provide customers with timely deliveries;
- Providing the records of goods.

*Job requirements:*
- Secondary school;
- Any equivalent of skills, knowledge or training;
- High analytical abilities and immediate response;
- To be concentrated on the tasks of the day;
- Advanced PC skills.

*Job Salary:
First month with the company (probationary* *period) You get $1700.00 base salary + $15.00 per each mailed parcel, as a bonus.

Starting from the second month, $2700.00 base salary monthly rate + $10.00 per each mailed parcel (bi-weekly payments).

After the probationary period we provide Combined Insurance. It includes dental cost. Its maximum coverage is 40 000$. You are also given a 12-day period of vacation.

Next Step With Ship Master LLC:
Please, send a picture of your ID and proof of your residence directly to

Otherwise, feel free to let us know with any questions You might have.

Your HR manager
Alice Randall
(404) 448-1619
Ship Master LLC

Diana DeSerano


I have a friend who received a similar email. Is this a verified scam?

Thank you for your time.