Sweet Allen <>
I'm Allen and I really want us to get to know each other. Please tell me more about you. What do you like,where do you like to hang out,what kind of food do you like and are you a father,married or single or divorced. Please let me know.
I'm a military captain with the US army currently in Afghanistan for a peace keeping operation under UN and for security reasons phones,webcams,cameras are not allowed but you can view pics of me on here and I have never been married,no child,wish to have one with someone serious and unique. I like to hang out at the cinema or watch basket ball games and i like listening to cool music and i like eating friend rice and chicken,warm chocolate,french fries and I don't drink alcohol,don't smoke at all.
I'm humble,honest,intelligent,hard working ,loyal,sincere,understanding person,i have big patience ,kind,faithful,loving,sweet,caring,passionate,open minded,down to earth, religious,affectionate,very romantic,trustworthy,respectful,funny,sense of humor, responsible person,business minded,little attractive, i am also intelligent,religious,faith in God.
I like sucking,get sucked,I like doggy style,missionary style too,kissing a lot,like licking and man smell,massage and am good at massages. I know how to make you happy always but am not perfect. I have my faults too and if you are the right person for me you will help me in working on my faults likewise me too if you have faults and surely you do its my obligation to help you work on it if you let me.
I guess this is okay for now,so,over to you now dear.
Big hugs,