Almost Scammed twice


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Something that happened to me recently, I think my telling of it will help other people to decide if they are being scammed. The first time was when I got a friend request from someone on Face Book. This woman claime she knew someone who knew me and wanted to know if we could be friends. I saw her picture, preatty blonde, of course I said yes. She claimed whe once lived in Warsaw Indiana. Now she works in the fashion industry in Nigeria. Well, I didn't think too much of that at the time. I have been to Rome and other places outside the US. Anyway we e-mailed each other for a few weeks and it seemed we were hitting it off. She claimed she could not wait to meet me once she got to the states. Well, to make this long story short, she e-mailed me saying she needed $140.00 to pay her hotel restaurant bill. At the time, I didn't have $140.00 to send her and I told her so. I was getting paid in a few days could she wait. Well, in the meantime a friend told me of a scam his friend also got involved in. The woman he met was also an American woman living in Nigeria. It seemed things were going great for them also, when she asked him for money. Well, he checked into it and found out that it was a scam. Women (of men claiming to be women) in Nigeria were trying to scam American men out of several hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I sent an e-mail to this woman who had asked for money telling her of the scam and I never heard from her again. The second time I was almost scammed, was just shortly after I got on Again this woman claimed to be an American woman studying to be a nurse in Ghana. Alarm bells went off immediately in my head. She assured me after I sent an e-mail to her about my concerns that she was not after my money (YEAH RIGHT!) Any way again to make a long story short she said she neede $200.00 to buy a cell phone so she could talk to me. Well, once again, I didn't have $200.00 to send her and I told her so. I also told her that there is no way in hell, I would send her $200.00 even if I did have it. Unlike the other woman who I never heard from. She texted me recently. I preatty much told her that I didn't want anything more to do with her, and to stop texting me. I haven't heard from her in a while. Maybe she went on to her next victim.
The moral of these stories guys is this: The girl may send you pictures of her and she is beautiful. But if she is in another country and says she needs money. Run, don't walk to the nearest exit. Cause as sure as the sun rises in the east, if you send her the money, you probably will never hear from her again. Or she will come up with another sob story to pry more money out of you.
Again, I hope my posting of this helps other guys out there who may be in a similar situation. BE CAREFUL!


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Thank you very much for sharing your story, it will surely help prevent others from falling into these romance sacmms. Good Luck!