Ambe Tebong Neba, A.K.A. Denzyl Ambe, Cameroon


Pet Scams / credit card PHISHING web sites using Cameroon phone number 237 9413 1249: - copied from legitimate Now inactive - PHISHING
Telephones: 03 9339 4100 / 237 9413 1249 / 03 9335 5543
Email : Now inactive
Telephone : 00237 9413 1249 / 237 94 13 12 49
Fax : 237 7750 6240
Fax 237 77506240 was also used on this other pet scam site with again a credit card phishing page:
Call us at : 00237 9413 0866
Fax : 00237 7750 6240
call Our UK office at :07031836646
Fax : 07235478854
Setup specifically as a CC phishing site:
Palm Oil Export advance fee frauds using Cameroon phone number 237 94131249
Contact us
Boccom Oil Co.Ltd
622 lh lane down beach Limbe South West 00237 Cameroon
Contact name:
Bola T , Managing Director
Boccom Oil Ltd
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler, Association, Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ad
Product/Service: sunflower oil,Olive Oil,Palm oil,crude palm oil,Jatropha
Address: bonaberri, Limbe, South West, Cameroon
Telephone: 237-94131249
Capital Oil Ltd
Membership Type : Free member
Registration Date : 2009-04-30
Country/Region : Cameroon
Address : 62 commercial Ave Limbe South West, Cameroon
Phone : 237-237-94131249
Fax : 237-null-94131277
Contact : Bola T Anthony
Capital Oil COMPANY Limited, is an internal and external marketing oriented company.refinedsunflower oil is needed by foreign importers and our home localmarkets..We had a positive production capacity of over 400.000tons.15%of our total production already being marketed to our potentialcostumers at home .80.000ton is presently available for sale.
We also produce and supply other agricultural produce like Sugar-cane,Cocoa,Coffee Beans,Rice ,etc,
Updated: 2009/08/25
Capital Oil Ltd [Cameroon]
62 commercial Ave Limbe South West 237 Cameroon
Phone: 237-237-94131249
Contact name: Bola T Anthony , Sales
specification and quotes at j4johnh(at) /
"" was also used in a pet scam

A victim from Estonia posted:
July 08, 2009 at 03:08 PM
Dear Teko,
I am looking for e-mail address of:
Contact name: Mr. Bola T Anthony, Sales
Company: Capital Oil Ltd
Address: 62 commercial Ave
Limbe, South West 237
Phone: 237-237-94131249
Ste.Nambois Oil Co.Ltd
Contact Person:Mr. Ste Nambois
Street Address:Carrifour Obili
Vegitable Oil, Refine Palm Oil for Sale
We are Societe Nambois oil company ltd, we are one of the biggest producers of refine vegetable oil in Cameroon an the whole of West Africa as a whole. We offer our oil at favorable prices an provide many advantages to our costumers Our oil are more hygienic in require from it harvesting to its processing point, it is free from all bacterias an germ and tested fit for human consumption etc We do have our prices as follows;Palm oil $250usd per mt,Rapeseed oil $280usd per mtSunflower oil $250usd per mt,Corn oil $250usd per mt,Olive oil $250usd per mt,Soybeans oil $245usd per mt,Jethro oil $240usd per mt,cocoa oi300usd per mt.CIF Price $245usdCompany of delivery,CAMSHIP Port: DoualaPayment Terms: L/C,T/T,Wire transfeMinimum Order Quantity: 5 Metric TonSupply Ability:8000 Metric Ton per MonthPackage: Depends On BuyerDelivery 1 to 3 weeks Specification of oil* FFA (As Palmitic)0.25% max.M&I0.1% max.I.V (Wijs)from
For those who are not familiar with the export advance fee fraud, here's a fraud warning regarding this Palm Oil scam posted on the website of the U.S.A. embassy in Cameroon :
Another recently recorded scam involves individuals claiming to possess large quantities of vegetable oils (soybean, cotton, or palm) to supply raw materials for the biofuels industry. The scammer usually sends out a sales agreement asking the victim to sign and provide bank details, including an irrevocable LC (Letter of Credit). He will also claim to possess samples ready to be shipped to the victim, a well-calculated ploy to encourage the victim to start sending money, usually in small amounts but gradually increasing. In fact, Cameroon does not possess export production capacity for any such products. Local production is insufficient to meet domestic demand and the international market price for these vegetable oils is far lower than the domestic market prices – hence there is no economic incentive to export. In most business scams, transactions are requested to be carried out via Western Union or Moneygram rather than through reputable banks.
Phone number 229-94131249 belongs to Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe / Birthdate 14th September 1988 in Bamenda, 22 years old
I do what i want, when i want, and how I want. if that makes me a bad person, then oh well. I won't pretend to be someone im not, so you'll accept me. I could care less if you like me or not.
I'm keeping it real doing ma thang , I DO HIP , AFRO BEATZ , MAKOSSA FUSSION , AND AFRO R&B , Listen to the songs on this page and make comments... i got no sponsor or executive producer yet , got a whole album ready for the market . if you are interested in me , you can call 01123794131249 or 0023794131249
Plenty of posts using that phone number to promote himself
Denzyl Music
6 Aug 2008 20:44
WHAT CAN I SAY THAT HASN'T BEEN SAID ALREADY ,LOVE YOUR THING... CALL THE LIL GUY'S Manager AT 01123794131249 OR 0023794131249 come check out his songs on his page , The little guy hasn't got a promoter or an Executive Producer yet.
More ads confirming Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe as the scammer who owns 237-94131249
Sexual Magic - Lagos , Douala ,BA, London Connection
If you are interested in the artist , contact management at +237-9413-1249 or 00237-9413-1249
Sexual Magic - Lagos , Douala ,BA, London Connection If you are interested in the artist , contact management at +237-9413-1249 or 00237-9413-1249
Sexual Magic - Lagos , Douala ,BA, London Connection If you are interested in the artist , contact management at +237-9413-1249 or 00237-9413-1249
Sexual Magic - Lagos , Douala ,BA, London Connection If you are interested in the artist , contact management at +237-9413-1249 or 00237-9413-1249
and many more

A 2006 pet scam using his real name for the money transfer which indicates he's been scamming for several years, and describing the typical arrogance towards victims Cameroon scammers are notorious for..
Thu Oct 19 2006
Yes it is a big scam in Cameroon. I did a test where I was lookinjg for a baby boy. I had found so many it was scarey. I let them go on for a long time. Everytime asking for money. Send Western Union and you never get it back. Sending me to the next phase. The shipper, the airport (supposed) From france and Loorgin transit and petworldwide. Her are some tips. They don't spell very good. because there english isn't there first language. Very pushy. Send money today and I will get your baby to you within 9 hours.
the two names that were given to me were Gerald MBincho He was supposed to be the general manager of One of the airport transporters and Ambe Neba
Everyone of them asked for money and were quit pushy about it. When I asked for a guarantee that I would get a monkey after paying them they all email back and told me to trust them. When I asked for physical address's so I could have my own transporter pick up the baby to spare them the trouble and hand deliver them there money they were insulted. When I asked them to give me the phone numbers of the qirlines that were going to ship them they would give me the ""managers"" home phone for my convience.
And yet another
i was just recently scammed by not only one person but three individuals...i was looking for a baby capuchin monkey and a man was emailing me telling me that he was trying to sell his lil baby luci his email address was i talked back and forth with him on shipping details, he said that he needing $330.00, $100.00 for adoption fees and $230.00 for shipping. we agreed on 150.00 and then when she arrived i'd send the rest, well the only way he would accept the money was by western union after he had recived the 150.00 i got an email from air france telling me that they had a white faced capuchin monkey and the only way they'll ship her was if we sent 250.00 for security purposes well it didn't end there. i got another email telling me that she was shipped to belgium and i needed to send another 200 i refused and then the so called manager of cameroon airlines lowered it to 150 well after he recieved the money he never got back to me on what was going on with my monkey, wouldn't answer any of my emails or calls and now i have three phone numbers hundreds of money gone and no monkey so if you ever come accross the following names trying to sell you a monkey its a scam. Ambe Neba, Benard Porquet, and Tita Conrad Chainp!!!!


No doubt this will disappoint some fans, while some others in Cameroon who think scamming Americans is quite acceptable, will be outraged that we dared post this information. We are merely showing what is already publicly available on the web and may we remind you that we don't represent his fan club, we represent the victims of Cameroon scammers who likely paid for that luxury vehicle he's driving.

Ambe6.jpg Ambe7.jpg Ambe8.jpg

Another reminder...all information posted above has been mirrored and backed up so for scammers to delete evidence after the fact as we've seen repeatedly in the past, isn't going to change a thing.


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Ambe Tebong Neba --

I hope you will accept your new-found fame. Please be a man and take this like a man. Please do not contact AFI and cry like a 5 year old child and tell us how you are not a scammer and you never scammed anyone in your life. We just don't have time for whiny crybabies and the story from the scammer is always the same. And it is very boring. Thank you. :)

De Master Yoda

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Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe

Hi MUGU. Welcome to the world of truth, where your friends can see how low you have sunk.
Every time we post your name, it gets picked up and stored for a long time by the search engines for anyone to see.

This means that If I post Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe it will go into the records and whenever any one does a search for your name on the internet, it will lead them here, to read all about how you cheat and lie for a living. And what a low life you have become.

I hope you enjoy your new "fame" Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe

Yes I mean YOU Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe.

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Ambe Tebong Neba alias Denzyl Ambe wants to sing, I can think of a lot of songs he could work on. Maybe he should do a cover of Zappa's "Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder".



Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe, a word of advice...

- Don't come here and threaten us
- Don't come here and claim identity theft
- Don't come here and claim phone theft
- Don't come here and blame your victims
- Don't come here and beg like a weasel
- Don't come here and squeal like a piglet
- Don't come here and whine like a baby

It's all been tried before and It's not going to work.

We're quite fed up with your scammer bullshit. You attempt any of the above and I promise you, you'll come out much worse off.

De Master Yoda

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Ambe Tebong Neba, A.K.A. Denzyl Ambe.

The more people read about the low life scammer Ambe Tebong Neba, A.K.A. Denzyl Ambe. The better.
Hiding is what they do. Exposing them to everyone is one way of showing them that they cannot get away scott free, with scamming innocent people out of their money.


Great job. We have one focused objective, to expose criminal bastards who target innocent people with advance fee scams and credit card fraud.

I see Denzyl posted a new phone number now that we exposed his previous one used in numerous frauds. Just to refresh everyone's memory, Denzyl Ambe used 237-94131249 for several years and now changing a "1" into a "2" is suppose to show that the whole thing was a mistake. Think again bozo, you posted your phone number all over the Internet over the span of several years and we have screen captures such as this one you posted almost two years ago...


here's another one...


Google "00237-9413-1249" and you'll find dozens of examples CLICK

now google "237-94131249" and you'll see Denzyl's phone number used in various Internet frauds CLICK

such as the following fake Ste.Nambois Oil Co targeting American importers in an advance fee fraud


You can see numerous scams perpetrated by Denzyl Ambe on page one of this thread CLICK

You can drive a truck through this bullsh*t of posting a slightly altered phone number in the hope of claiming there was an error. Anyone and everyone that has communicated with Denzil Ambe the past three years know the truth since they used 237-94131249 and that includes those involved with his career.

As Smith said we hate scammers, especially the scumbags that threaten their victims for which Cameroon scammers are notorious for, namely the criminals coming out of Molyko cybercrapholes who scam everybody on the planet including their own orphanage CLICK

Denzyl Ambe Tebong Neba, We represent your victims and let me add that Cameroonians including expatriates who tolerate or support criminals like Denzyl Ambe are no better than him as far as we're concerned.

Dick H Box


Just because your feeling paranoid Denzyl,
doesn't mean we're not out to get you!


Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe
Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe
Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe
Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe
Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe
Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe
Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe​

And my cat sings better than you, so it's no wonder you can't make it as a musician.

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Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe

Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe It seems you are in deep poo now small boi.
The chances of you getting out of your country seem to be diminishing by the hour.

So tell me Ambe Tebong Neba, alias Denzyl Ambe was the bling worth all the aggravation so far? just wait, there is a LOT more to come.:D