Amira Duka, Syria

Singapore, Wtpl

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Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2018
Subject: Help with sincerity and Honesty

Hello Dear,

I am happy to meet you online and I think it is God who has allowed me to meet you, I know that my message comes to you as a great surprise, but I want you to feel free with me, my name is Amira Duka from Syria, the only daughter of the late Engr. Mohammed Duka of Syria, I write from the Republic of The Gambia, where I am taking refuge because of the war and premature death of my parents during the political crisis of my country. My father sold his Shipping Company to a Chinese expatriate before death and deposited the sum of five million, seven hundred thousand dollars ($ 5.7 million) in his foreign account with one of the largest banks in the United Kingdom, which my name appeared as the next of kin, it is true that we do not know in person, but I feel comfortable and open to discuss with you this matter that has been a concern for me in this horrible camp in which I live today. I believe that God will not abandon me as I prayed before contacting you with confidence in God that you would help me because of my statue as a refugee, I ask for your help to transfer my legacy funds into your bank account for a good investment in Your country, and what I need from you is;

(1) To serve as custodian of these funds, since I am a young girl of 24 years old and the money is too big for me to control.
(2) To provide a home for me to come to your country to pursue my education and obtain a residence permit in your country.

I am offering you 30% of the total funds for your help and is not in any way associated with an invalid transaction, please help me out of this terrible situation and God will bless you, I am waiting to hear from you, because the bank is ready to make the transfer to any foreign account that I will provide to them. In my next mail, I will write to you and give you all the necessary information's of the bank, where my father deposited the funds on my behalf as a next of kin, I'm waiting to hear from your positive reply soon God bless us.

Yours sincerely,
I am a young girl of 24 years old
We still call them women. :rolleyes:

She sent me a photo:

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Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018
Subject: Re: Help with sincerity and Honesty

Hello Dear,

Am very happy hearing from you so soon, I must not fail to inform you that I am appreciative of your willingness to help in this matter that has been a concern to me in this horrible place where I live, I thank you so much for your loving heart and the compassion that you had on me, I am very glad to know that you really want to help, so I will be with you soon, thank you for the way in which you are interested in me and I promise to be with you forever because for me all my hope is to meet with you immediately after transferring my late father's money to your account for a better life and I will continue my studies at the university, I want you to help me with honesty and sincerity, my dear, I have no phone I live in the refugees camp and no one is allowed to use a mobile phone, so I can only send and receive your mail, God bless you and reward you for all the efforts you will make for me to come out of this terrible place, where I live because of the untimely death of my parents (May Their Gentle Souls Rest In Peace). These are the contact information of the bank in England, where the money was deposited by my late father:

Name of the bank - HSBC Bank Plc.
Name of the official transfer manager Mr.Billy Harrish
Phone number (+447709695811)
Fax: (+ 44 203 318 0954)
E-mail (

I have informed the bank about my intention to claim the money of my deceased father, that my name appears as the next kin, the only thing the bank seeks is my foreign partner, who will help me for the transfer because of my refugee status here in Gambia, I am not allowed to ask money directly, but by a representative legally designated for the expellees in the world, and I have confirmed from the bank with the documents I have on hand, on the basis of this information, I would like you to write an email to the bank's department, tell him that you are my representative and you want to help me to transfer my 5.7 million dollars which my late father deposited with their bank in my name as the next of kin, My father's account information is as follows;

ACCOUNT NAME: (Engineer. Mohammed Duka)
AMOUNT ($ 5.7 Million USD)

God bless you as you contact them. And I will wait for your urgent reply, thank you and have a nice day while I wait for your positive response.

Best regards,
Amira Duka.