Anand Kumar Rajan- LC/BG Fraudster


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Name: Anand Kumar Rajan
Place of Birth: Jamnagar, Gujrat
Date of birth: 12/05/1974 or 12 May 1974
Nationality: India
Father's Name: Dev Rajan
Mother's name: Kavita Rajan
Passport No: F8473149

I am discussing this real life scammer. I met with him through a business contact and we were looking for a Bank Guarantee (BG) or SBLC. He introduced himself as director of Euro Bank Azerbijan and showed us BG/SBLC/LC etc on his computer which he arranged (obviously all fake).

We were desperate to lease a BG/SBLC to enhance our credit facility and he came up with a solution that he will arrange SBLC and get it discounted. He claimed that he and his business partner Mr Hemendra Shah have a company in Hong Kong with an approved credit line of US$200 Million. The company was registered in Hong Kong and Dubai, UAE as well and his business partner Mr Hemendra Shah was living and working in Dubai, UAE since from 1974.

Anyhow Anand Kumar Rajan convinced us that SBLC/BG facility will be ready and need US$50,000 to activate and transmit SBLC/BG. After meetings over meetings and dinners in Dubai, finally we gave his partner US$50,000 to kick start and in a week time he came back with a swift message claiming to be sent from Bank of China. It was fake swift and never reached to the beneficiary account.

Mr Anand Kumar Rajan made excuses that other bank did not accept swift and promised to send again. This time he came back with a swift copy from a so called bank "Banque International", which was set up somewhere in London in a single room (as per our investigation), so again no swift message.

After arguements over arguements finally he decided to return all money and asked his partner to issue us cheque of US$50,000

The cheque was dishonoured, his partner Mr Hemendra Shah was crying that Anad Kumar Rajan cheated him as well, from the story we learnt that Anand took all money from his partner Hemendra Shah on the name of bank charges to shoot swift, so at the end his partner was in trouble because he issued his cheque.

His partner Hemendra Shah who lived and worked in Dubai since 1974 fled Dubai and went to India to escape prison for dishonoured cheque (it is criminal offence in Dubai to issue a cheque which gets dishonoured or unpaid) but Mt Anand Kumar Rajan is still at large.

I have passport copy and colour photograph of this crook but I don't know if I should post it here or admin will allow. Please guide and keep a watch on this person, you may be able to save a potential victim of him.


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Sorry to hear about you loss, of monies and faith.

This is an old scam and used by many a scammer.

A swift does not cost much and Citi charges peanuts to send a swift.

Rentals are not legal in many jurisdictions and I suggest that you drop the idea.



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Thanks Templar
Question: Am I allowed to upload copy of this crook's passport here, it is genuine copy with all correct details.


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Cann't upload image file with private message or post reply, strange. Insert image link opens up script window asking to add url (does not give any option to pull from computer file) and VB Image Host gives this error message

"you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons".


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Even the Contact Us does not give any option to attach file, however, I have sent a request through it to provide an email address where I can send you attachement.


Use the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page and email it to us.


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I attached it here, didn't find any way to attach with contact us option or pm option. I am sorry if it breaks any rule. Admin please remove it if it is against the policy (or need any edit from you).


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sir sorry to hear your story but i am also the victim of anand rajan he resides at mumbai kandivali he works for pigeon group of companies in delhi hie websit is www. arkfincap. com he has cheated me for 50lakh same sblc problem he also bounced the cheq of 1 cr which he gave me sir if you can provide me with your contact details we can meet up and surely do something to gather i know his wife mother house and his also i know some of his friends .

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@ ajkhan and all our new members. For your safety we do not advise giving out any of your personal details or email to other new members.

Please use the private message system as it will give you some protection.

A request for your details and email could come from a genuine new member who wants to help, but it could also come from your scammer, you do not know, so it is better to be safe.

You can trust our senior members and staff, but please take care with people who you do not know asking for your personal details.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Iam new to this forum as i was browsing the net i came to know about the facts about SBLC. My friend is right now in dubai doing exactly what you have being doing he has already lost lot of money if u have more information about this group please pass it on it will be very valuable to me. THANKS

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Hello Govid and welcome to AFI. Please do not post duplicates thank you. The best thing to do is to stop all contact with the scammer as he will try to scam you again. You can report it to your local police as a crime (fraud) has been committed. Thank you.

Rajesh Kumar

We know this Fraudster Anand Kumar Rajan , he is in Mumbai , please contact me , I will give his contact details personally