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by compute2.internal (LMTPProxy); Thu, 20 Nov 2008 17:00:47 -0500
Received: from ( [])
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 22:53:37 +0300
Subject: Hello xxxxxxxx!

Hi, I'm very glad that you answered me. I want to see the nice and
handsome man. I believe that you love all my life ... but it is only
thinking about the future, who knows that lies ahead of us. I want to
tell you something, so that we did not have differences. I do not want
to keep this history to repeat itself once again with me! I have heard
many times on the scammers. but also there are con artists and abroad,
especially men. Last year, I met a man from abroad. His name was John,
he lived in the UK, we met with him, well communicated. I had his
telephone number, we sozvanivalis with him frequently. I fell in love
in him. and is very concerned with the meeting. I told him that I love
him and want him to come. He was happy from this news. I bought
tickets, made a visa. Fly to it. before boarding a plane, I phoned him
and said that he was driving to the airport to meet me. I arrived in
the Uk. I waited for him at the airport in 5 hours, but he never came,
I phoned him many times. but he did not answer my calls. Naturally I
was very hurt by the fact that he had me so Kinula. because I have
spent all their savings to come to him. and finally, I did not see it.
and never heard of it. I do not want this to happen again. I hope you
understand me! Sincerely Your Anastasia

Ummm... a scammer who speaks about scammers....

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Received: from ( [])
Subject: Re[2]: Hello xxxxxxxxx!

Hello xxxxxxx !!!!!!!
xxxxxxxx how you feel? I hope that all is well.
xxxxxxx hope that my photos you like. You also send it to me
Many photos? I hope that will get them tomorrow. I do not know why, but I
I believe you. I do not know you, but I believe. I do not understand why. xxxxxxx You
you know?
xxxxxxxxx I love nature. We often go during the summer, along with grandmother in the forest to collect berries. I was particularly interested in places where I have not previously had. If you invited me on an uninhabited island, I would be happy to go with you. I have not many friends. My hobby is walking in nature. And I love to watch football.
I want to talk a little about himself. I live together with his mother and grandmother.
My growth of 174 sm (5'7), weights about 54 kilograms (120 lbs).
I appreciate people kindness, sincerity, honesty and good attitude to
others. I love it when clean, comfortable. When I come home I
always happy, because the house is always clean. Eduardo And you love cooking?
I just adore. My grandmother taught me and now I always do and all
herself in the kitchen. What do you like? What dishes?
I ask you what you like women. I like men who quiet, sincere and not cheating.
Whom I love and who love me. xxxxxxxxx, Do you think you
Can it be? Or not? I think that soon we will know it. When
know one another better.
How are you dealing with today? I hope that when you receive my letter,
it warms you and makes you a good day.
I hope that you all well. I would wait for your letter tomorrow.
I hope that will get answers to all your questions and a lot of your photos.

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008
Subject: Re[4]: Hello

Hello, my dear friend xxxxxx!!!!
xxxxxxx How are you? As your day? All that was bad today, in my day, just disappeared, there are only good after I received your letter. I am very glad that you have not forgotten about me and write me.
I love the country where you live. But I am not very speak Spanish.
I want to tell you about my family more. I would like to inform you that as I grew up and who brought up me. My grandmother and my mother raised
me. Mama names Larissa, a grandmother Catherine. I live with his mother in our
Apartment. My grandmother lived in another
village. I do not know anything about the father, mother, and
My grandmother did not speak about it. My mother is crying or silent when I ask
her about it. Therefore, I did not learn. I do not want my mom
Eduardo grandmother I have very good. I visited her, and this was the best summer. And to me it was very good. We have it frequently
came together in the woods, went swimming and walked over the berries.
I would like to explain to you why I can not find anyone in my
country. We are men, many drunk and beat wives. A
others are already married. Therefore, I decided to learn
with you. Do you like to drink a lot? xxxxxx only say the truth. I hope
that was not present. I do not drink or smoke, just
on holidays, I allowed to drink a few wines. I have nothing against that man
drink, but not much and not often. Eduardo I wish
just saying that I do not like to shout and quarrel. I like to laugh
and I wish that would wash favorite was always happy and never
thirsted. And I will do everything for him. I'm ready to kiss
constantly, if it happy. I want it, we will
enjoy our love, passion and tenderness.
I hope that the picture that I sent today, it is pleasing to you.
I look forward to your letter. Where is she? You have not answered?
I click on it tomorrow.
I look forward to .......
Sincerely Anastasia

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008

Hello My Friend xxxxxxxxx !!!!!
I am glad that you respond to my letters. You nravish'sja me more and
more. I want to know you more and more. The more the know, so
more you I like.
Spasbo xxxxxxxxx that you are interested in my family.
Today I went to the street and looked at what surrounds me. I have previously
many do not notice. xxxxxxxx represent? I go to the street, which went
not the first year and notice a lot. I do not know how to describe it.
Once introduced to you, I think that in my life
changes. And only the good.
And how are you? How do you feel? Have you had a good day?
What's happened? I met today with his girlfriend. She
Invited to go to the movies. But I did not have to. And I refused. xxxxxx And you love movies? What? Ljubish go to the theater? A dance? Danced
before? Perhaps you are well tantsuesh
I love to watch movies. Especially about love and comedy.
Eduardo How do you like to rest? we are friends with several child went back to Sochi. At rest. I will never forget the sea, which so perfectly. If you
was able to be with me, I think that it would be much better. What do you think?
I always think I nravlyus you or not? I love you and I
glad to be acquainted with you. And you xxxxxxxxx?
Incidentally, my girlfriend asked invent a name for its cat. I do not know
what to say. Can you podskazhesh me? What do you think?
I will wait for your answer looks tomorrow.
I wish, what would your day was happy and full of happiness.
I look forward to your pictures and letters.
Anastasia [/QUOTE]

[plain] Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2008 20:32:18 +0300
Subject: Re[6]: Hello xxxxxxxxxx!

Hello xxxxxxx, My Far xxxxxxx!!! How are you xxxxxx, what are your
mood? What are you doing today? I I hope that everything you wanted,
everything turned out. xxxxxx I want you to know how you love to
rest? You love to go Nature? What songs do you like? What movies? What
kind of dancing? you would dancing with me? I do not dance very well,
but with you, I would agreed to dance. Theater, the sea? What else do
you like? xxxxxx Tell me. I love, movies and cooking. My grandmother
taught me prepare many dishes, and I am sure you would have liked the
food, I have prepared. I am sure you would rate my skill. xxxxxx you
were at sea? I was once in Sochi. I am very liked. How cool breeze
envelops the body like cool water gives freshness and delight. There
are not enough to only one. Men with that all these can be enjoyed.
You could go with me Eduardo??? I I think that we never would YOU do
not forget such a visit. HOW YOU THINKING? I will wait until tomorrow
your photos and letters. They are my joy every day. I happy that you
received. With you I can discuss whatever they want.

I look forward to your letter.
Your Anastasia.


Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 2
Subject: Re[8]: Hello

Hello My XXXXXXXX !!!!!!
I do not know whether or not you like my picture, but I will send it to you. Here it is. There I am standing on the shore of the lake.
Unfortunately now we have no snow. And this is very strange, because normally at this time should be a lot of snow.
I'd like to hear from you about your friends. XXXXXXX, You have a lot of
Friends? But this? not just friends. And the people whom you can
trust in the whole???? And they always give you counsel, as if he hurt
was not. Who does not want you pain. Which are all helping you.
XXXXXXXX I have only one real friend, with whom we can
to talk about everything.
Her name is Masha. We grew along with it and learn together, together
went to the dance. Now she is working as teacher at the school. She
teaches English. We, along with her well-studied English in school.
XXXXXXX and what you have friends? You have a lot of these friends? Say,
truth. And have a photo where you together? You may send it to me?
XXXXXXX me all the interesting and I want to know everything about you. I guess I do
Many questions, I hope that you are not a grudge against it.
I already miss and check mail. Suddenly comes your letter? I look forward very
'm waiting .....
Your Anastasia


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it should read []

by compute2.internal (LMTPProxy); Thu, 04 Dec 2008 12:25:25 -0500
Received: from ( [])

& >


New Member
This one is funny.
It´s apparently from Anastasia but the email came from Oscar ("Oscarv West" <> )
But very nice girl ;-) And very nice friends too ;-)

Photos are here

Hi lonely man!
I am saw your profile it is a dating site. You are lonely? I too!
I search for the partner for life and for creation of family.
That we have the common problem. Can solve to us this problem together!
If I have interested you, please write to me. My name is Anastasia.
I am from Kazan. I am 32. I have been devorced for a long time
and I am single woman now. I would be glad very much to correspond
with you. I know English well, very seldom I use the dictionary. If
you are interested in me, write me)). I watched the World Cup on
television. the team plays the Netherlands, Slovakia.
I ached for the team Netherlands. they play really well!
Waiting for your reply, Anastasia.
My e-mail is []

Letter number two :

Hello how are you? I am fine! I hope that you too are all very good! _)
I thank you so quickly was able to send me a reply. I waited. And I am glad to
continue our dialogue!
I tell you about myself more, if you're interested. What do you want
to know? I work in a beauty salon, and I really like this job. I love
when people are nice and happy. I am already working in this field for
3 years. I have higher education. I graduated from Kazan State Medical
University to become a doctor. Unfortunately I do not work for the
profession, because it is difficult to find a remunerative job in our
country. And where are you working on? you like your job? I say a
little about me directly. I am 32 year old. To my mind, it’s a good
age for a young lady. My growth is 170 sm, my weight is 55 kg. I’m
slim. I like sports. In my opinion, a girl should keep fit. It keeps
body and health both! I send you my photo. You can see my appearance.
You know, I’m not so photogenic. My photos are not usually so nice.
But they are necessary to see a partner for changing correspondence. I
hope, you like my photo. By the way, I’ll also wait for your photos.
It is rather important and interesting to me. I like pleasant and
gentle music. Besides, I like to watch sensitive films. I have some
friends. And I spend much of my free time with them. I’ve good sense
of humor and like to laugh at good jokes. I have no bad habits; I
don’t smoke and take no alcohol. I think a girl shouldn’t have any bad
habits. I have a very good heart, but a simple soul. I - a romantic
woman, loyal, sincere nature. My personality is quiet and stable. My
dream is to have a family in love with native people. I can travel
across any sea to find the existing love and reach its goal. I must
belong to one person that is the dedication in my nature. Someone once
said that the ideal woman should be "as a cook in the kitchen, a lady
in society, and loving in bed." Perhaps I agree though there is
nothing perfect in this world. I try the charm, and feminity should
reflect around my home on the street in society. My life is happy, but
the missing ingredient - a division of love with your partner true to
life. By the way forgot to tell you that I live in Russia city Kazan,
is a big city, which is located east from Moscow about 650kilometrah.
It’s a typical Russian city. Houses, parks, prospectuses and churches.
I really got used to live here. I have my work, friends and my
independence. I appreciate my independence very much. Kazan - too a
beautiful city.. I used to live in this town. It is home to many
people. And just a very large movement. Tell me about your town? and
also I really wanted to know about your family, write me about them ..
)) In this letter, I think I told enough about myself. I
finish the letter! I hope that I get from you, too, a quick response.
I thank you for the pleasant time. Your friend Anastasia.


New Member
I have looked for clues in every pictures i got. Some shows shoppingmals interior, others historical buildings and high-rises ind the background. It should be possible to locate the general area. But it makes good fun though.
Is there a link to more info about Boris and the whole operation behind?

Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
I don't know if Anastasia is recycling here or what.

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Received: from, Belgium, Belgacom SA de droit public, []
From: Nice Anastasia <>
Reply-To: []
Subject: Hey dear friend
Date: Thu, 5 May 2011

Good day dear friend.
I say you at one of the dating sites and you liked me. I want to meet you closer. I send you my photos. I hope that you will like. I would like to tell you a little about yourself .. My name is Anastasia. I am Russian and I live in RU! I am 28 years old. I am slender and beautiful Russian girl. I am one. I do not drink or smoke. I also find the man for serious relationship. I do not know how old you are, but I'm looking for a man from 27 to 50 years, I think this is the right age for me. I do not know what country you are, but I think that this is Europe! Dear friend, if you answer me, I'll be very glad to contact you, first of all we only have a friendship, but in the future perhaps we'll have something more serious! Please write me at my personal mail box: []

Your new friend Anastasia.


New Member
Over the past few months I have been getting emails from someone in russia claiming that she is a single girl named Anastasiya, Nastya is what her friends call her. She uses the email address [] She writes and says that she wants to visit me in the US. Im like, wow, already. We just started talking but she puts the pressure on. She has yet to tell me that she needs money, but remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Once I learn how to post her pics up here I will, but obviously the girl in the picture is good looking, and randomly has hundreds of pictures of herself.
Stay away, its a scam.
Below is a few of the pictures that she has sent to me of .. .hmm. her??




Anastasia is located out of Maine so they are operating under American fraud and RICO laws.


Staff member
From: Anastasiya <>
Date: Sat, 25 May 2013

Hello my new friend!

How are you today!? :)) I decided to write to you. I would like to get
to know you better. ok? I want to say that before, I will never meet
on the Internet. Just recently a friend of mine to find love through
the Internet, so I also decided to try his luck. So, my name is
Anastasia, I am 28 years old. If you are interested in a new
acquaintance, friendship, then you can write to me at my new email
address: [] I am happy to answer you. I'll be
waiting impatiently for your letter.

Your new friend Anastasia! :)))

Garreg Ddu

Staff member
Possibly the same scammer!

Return-Path: <>
Date: 17 Jun 2013 16:00:16 -0000
To: **********
Subject: Hi
X-PHP-Script: for

Origin IP Address = = SwedenDedicated Network, Portlane NOC, BOX 6322, 10235 Stockholm, Sweden.

From: <>

Hello ...
I understand that you did not expect to get that letter now. And I understand your surprise. But I ask you not to worry. I just want to meet you! I hope you do not mind that!? I can also understand that you have many questions. And the most important question - where I took your email address. Am I right? Your e-mail address I gave managers Internet agency through which I'm writing you a letter. Managers see what you are looking for a woman on the Internet for sex. And I'm looking for a man for serious relationship. Our goal - the same. And managers have given me your email address. I hope there is no mistake. And I hope that you will write me a letter mutual very soon! OK???
And now I'll tell you a little bit about yourself! My name Anastasiya, or just Nastya. I am 35 years old. And I live in the city of Kronstadt, Russia. I'm lonely for a very long time. All the relationships that I have started with the man of my city - quickly came to an end. Men only want sex from me. But I respect myself. And I want a man to respect me. I want a man with a different mentality! So I decided to get acquainted through the Internet. I am looking for a man whom I can trust not only their feelings, desires and dreams, but also the most important - your life! I want a serious relationship, a real family home!
If our purpose in life are the same, I have great pleasure I will wait for you to return the letter! With hope for your reciprocity, your new friend Nastya!!!!!
And more ... I know the English language. And I also know French and Dutch language a little bit! You can write me letters in any of these languages - and I can understand you! )

P.S. I will send my new photos, if you want your next letter



Maybe call her "Stasi"

From Anastasia
Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( Russia, OJSC National Cable Networks
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013
From: Anastasia <>
Reply-To: Anastasia <>
Subject: kiss to you my new friend

Hello! My name is Anastasia, friends and relatives call me Stasia.
I am a sociable and cheerful girl and it would be interesting to me to get acquainted with you.
I am single and this is why I have decided to write to you.
If you are interested in getting to know each other then I will be glad to see your letter and picture! It is summer now and I like this time of year very much, I think it is a great time for acquaintance.
I wish you a good day! Bye for now!!!
Sincerely, Anastasia...


Staff member
From:, Russia, Moscow, Ncnet Broadband Customers

From Anastasia
Return-Path: <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013
From: Anastasia <>
Reply-To: Anastasia <>
Subject: kiss to you my new friend

Hello! My name is Anastasia, friends and relatives call me Stasia.
I am a sociable and cheerful girl and it would be interesting to me to get acquainted with you.
I am single and this is why I have decided to write to you.
If you are interested in getting to know each other then I will be glad to see your letter and picture! It is summer now and I like this time of year very much, I think it is a great time for acquaintance.
I wish you a good day! Bye for now!!!
Sincerely, Anastasia...

Russia, Moscow, Jsc Open Communications

From Anastasia
Reply-To: Anastasia
From: Anastasia
Subject: Hi
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016

Hello, I found your profile on a dating site
I decided to send this letter,. I think we can be good friends or more.
My name is Anastasiya I am tender and romantic, lonely girl looking and infinite love and happiness.
I`ll be happy, if you have interest.
Write me if so.
Sincerely, Anastasiya.


Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
Return-Path: <>
Received: from (EHLO (
Message-ID: <> (added by
Subject: Whom do you look for
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2017

Hello! My name is Anastasiya.
I'm looking for a reliable Partner.
I want sincere love.
I hope for your answer.


De : "" <>
Envoyé le : Jeudi 14 septembre 2017 20h14
Objet : Hi xxxx

Hi xxxx!

I am very pleased to see your letter again. You relieveme of the feeling of loneliness that has overwhelmed me lately. I would like to tell you more about my work. I already told you that I work as a client manager. I work in an electronics store. In my obligation to enter into conflict situations. If for example our sellers make rudeness for buyers. Then the buyers come to me and talk about it. Or if the product with the closet does not work. That's whatI need to take orders to do repair or replace the goods. There is a computer here. I use this computer to work and to write letters to you. I have to be careful. If my boss sees that I use a computer in order to communicate wi........


Staff member
Indonesia, Mojoagung, Pt Telekomunikasi Selular Indonesia

Return-Path: <>
Subject: hi
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2018
From: Anastasia <>
Message-ID: <>

Dear, my name is Anastasia and i'm from Russia. Five years ago I moved to the USA and I love it here. Came across your photos on Badoo and remembered you because you seem a type of guy I want :-) You are hot, smart and sexy :-) If you would like to know me more, this is my email write to me and I will send some of my photos. xXx, Anastasia


Staff member
Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( [])
From: Mi Anastasiyunka
Reply-To: Mi Anastasiyunka
Subject: Looking for a serious man

Salutations man Hope you have a beautiful day, when you read this. I'mNastya, I am a mature, singlegirl, do not have any bad habits, with senseof humor and gentle nature :) Do not judge strictly if I'm somewhere made abugs in the text. I'm in Russia right now, but would like to meet a malefrom US or Canada to build a long-term relationship. I'm not scared thedistance, because the distance can be overcome. Years old and thedifference of nationalities is not so important for me, if I meet my soulmate. My heart is open for the special male in my life and I'm ready for astrong relationship, because I'm tired from loneliness. I'll tell you moreabout my life, if you want. Perhaps you might be interested to look at mebefore we start a dialogue :) therefore I attached a couple of my photoshere. If you are interested in me as a girl and you are ready to try totalk, I'll be glad to see from you a letter with some information about you(preferably with your pics) in the near future. PS: Please not spend yourand my time, if you want just a fun time or friendship by email. Lookingfor a serious man with whom I would like to grow old.

Till next time,
Anastasiyusha !