Anastasiya Ivanova


Her photo set is here

Hello my friend ****!
I am very strongly glad, that you have not
disregarded me! I very much would like to see more than your photos, I
hope you will make it for me? It is very pleasant to me to have such
friend as you! I very much hope, that we each other shall like, and
can even we shall have more than simply friendship. You so think? I
wish to find to myself the husband who would understand me in all.
Well I shall tell about myself, in the childhood I was engaged in
equestrian sport, in general I very strongly love horses, these are
fine creations. And how you concern to horses? I as well as all usual
girls in our country have gone to school in 7 years, all years which I
went to school, I went a ballet circle, me than that has bewitched it,
and I gave it all free time. But then I am tired from it. After school
I have acted in Kirov institute, on a trade the psychologist. I so
strongly miss on student's years, it were very cheerful years, I had a
lot of entertainment with friends from institute. Now I work as the
tutor in children's to a garden. I very strongly love children though
I do not have children, but I can in the near future would like to
have them. In children's to a garden I work 5 days in a week, from 8
mornings and till 5 evenings, but sometimes happens and I am released
earlier. As you already know to me 27 years, I live in city Kirov,
there I and was born. It is not so old, but very beautiful city which
is in 700 kilometers from city of Moscow. I never was married. I do
not have bad habits, I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol, unless
only in small quantity on holidays. Most of all from alcoholic drinks
I like red wine. From meal I prefer Russian kitchen. My growth makes
1.73 sm, my weight of 56 kgs. I want, that you have somewhat quicker
answered me. Write to me about itself, than you are engaged and that
love, I all to wish to know about you. With impatience I shall wait
from you the letter.
Sincerely yours the friend from Russia Nastya.
p.s. I have new e-mail so write to me on my new:
On old can not write.


Anastasiya Ryabinina/.Natalya Vasileva/. Marina Sozonova

Yep ! DC , but sadly it's over now...

I told "Her" her name Anastasiya Ryabinina was on a Western Union black- list,
so she asked me to send to a friend Natalya Vasileva .

Hello my dear etc..
I have thought up something,
you will send money addressed to my girlfriend. Here its data:
Name: Natalya
Surname: Vasileva
The country: Russia
You should specify city: Yoshkar-Ola
As, it is registered not in city Kirov, at Yoshkar-Ola.
My love you can send money tomorrow?? Inform me as soon as possible!
I said Natalya Vasileva was also on a black list . I get a third name Marina Sozonova, her Aunt :) . should be sent money then on mine the aunt. Here
its data:
Name: Marina
Surname: Sozonova
Now I think, what there will be everything is all right my love?


Hello my dear $£!
How you?
My love, my aunt went to bank, but to it there have
told, that such
transfer of money is not present. My love, I do not
understand in what
a problem... You have precisely sent money?
I wait for your news.
Yours Nastya!