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Here's a treat- an employment contract memorandum for a fake cheque from famous scammer Maxwell Winters. If you ever received one of these now you know who sent it to you.

Hemei Textiles Co. Ltd
Suppliers and Finishers of Quality TEXTILES,
Red Doles Lane, Huddersfield HD2 1YF United Kingdom.
Phone: 447024064928, 447005942883 Fax: 44 870 490 8299


This memorandum Of Understanding is designed to define the relationship between Hemei Textiles Co Ltd and this document “signatory” and it will act as a mutual agreement to specifying initial responsibilities and accountabilities procedures.

As Hemei Textiles is placing its clients trust and funds into your care, we are providing guidelines procedure that will promote the success of our business and deliver accountability to all. All representatives are reviewed by Hemei Textiles and must maintain and provide newest information.

Representative Selection:

Hemei Textiles and selected Representative sign Memorandum of Understanding and agree to work together. Selected Representative must maintain records efficient to pass on successor. The selected Representative provides update on clients.

Representative Agrees to:
Consider and include Hemei Textiles Co Ltd in publicity and promotions for mutual benefits.
Communicates and work towards growth of both parties with mutual respect and integrity.
Maintain proper records and files pertaining to client.
Work with information provided on clients.
Respect client wishes with disposal of personal information.
Remit all funds collected from clients to Hemei Textiles Co Ltd.
Participate in progress meeting bi annually with company executive and other representatives.

Both parties organize our common goals to be:
Provision of Hemei Textile’s products to client,
A 10% pay to Representative on completion of their transaction,
Promotion of both Hemei Textiles Co Ltd and Representative

Accepted by:

I have reviewed and understood this document and will adhere to the information specified in the above in this Memorandum of Understanding and subsequent contract issued by Hemei Textiles Co Ltd.

Names of Representative or
Agency Executive Director

Date….. …………………..

Signed: ………………..............
Mr., Anderson Colen
Accounts Officer for Hemei Textiles.